No YMCA - Jamaican Church Group Opposes the Village People!

by Todd Wiese

A recent concert of the Village People in Jamaica was cancelled as a result of a strong protest by the Jamaican Council of Churches. According to the leader of the J.C.C., Stanley Clarke, "To promote a music festival of that nature which is going to highlight behavior repugnant to the majority of people in this country is disrespectful!" The "behavior to be promoted" by the Village People at the Negril Music Festival was homosexuality. This is the same country that refused to allow a cruise ship to enter the ports of the nearby Cayman Islands because those "scary gay people", riddled with AIDS, were aboard.

In the opinion of Rock Out Censorship, the insult is not just being slapped in the face of Jamaica's citizens, but rather in the face of homosexuals everywhere. How insulting is that, to be told that you shouldn't be allowed to go see the Village People because of the "lifestyle" they supposedly promote. Negril Music Festival organizer, Ronnie Nasralla, accuses the church group (as do we) of overreacting. "They never said they were gay. The Village People capitalized on their popularity in the gay community, that's all." Actually, several members of The Village People spent much of last year refuting the persistent rumors that they were gay.

It seems that the struggle for Gay Rights in Jamaica, as well as in the United States, has a long way to go--not only because doing the YMCA dance is "repugnant behavior", but for the sad fact that gay sex in Jamaica is flat out illegal! Whether you happen to be gay or not, fascist anti-homosexuality laws like those in Jamaica are not only insulting, but also a direct violation of human rights.

Don't ask, TELL Jamaica's lawmakers that their stone-age laws need to be changed and a formal recognition of the U.N.'s Declaration of Human Rights needs to be implemented and observed.

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