Virginia Retirement System to Conduct a "Study" of Our Favorite Music

by Todd Wiese

A "study" proposed by Rep. Dwight Clinton Jones (D) meant to justify a state-imposed boycott of rock and rap music because of its glamorization of violence has hit the Virginian House floor. In the summary of the bill, HJ 248, rap music is even singled out as being the most violent. This bill is quite similar to the bills which were introduced in both California and Texas.

"WHEREAS, the children and young adults in this Commonwealth are influenced by music and the music industry...." begins House Joint Resolution 248. This resolution is the first step in making sure the Virginia Retirement System divests no funds in "any company that directly or indirectly writes, records, produces, advertises, markets, sells, or otherwise promotes any song, lyric, or other musical work that advocates, glamorizes, or explicitly describes acts of violence or illicit drug or alcohol abuse."

This resolution has nothing to do with business practices. It does not have the financial interests of the Virginia Retirement System in mind. This study is only another tool used by those like Dwight Jones to censor rock and rap. Never mind that investment in the music industry could prove a large return on their investment. Never mind that those of retiring age are wise enough to know how they want their VRS money spent. Did Rep. Jones and the others bother to ask the recipients of the VRS how they wanted their money invested?

In 1999 the study that has already decided how music affects children (see above) is to be concluded and delivered to law makers for implementation of a state boycott of rock and rap. As we at Rock Out Censorship have stated before, there has been no documentation in any case proving that any sound or image has a direct affect on human beings. However, you can effect the fate of HJ 248 by contacting the following people. Let them know that by the time you've reached retirement age, you would have your money invested through common sense and not scare tactics like HJ 248.

Delegate Dwight Clinton Jones (D)
House District 70
In-session address:
General Assembly Building, Room 508
Capitol Square
Richmond, Virginia 23219
(804) 698-1070

Sen. John Warner
225 Russell Building
Washington, DC 20510
(204) 224-2023

Sen. Chuck Robb
SR-154, Russell Senate Office Bldg.
1st & Constitution Ave., NE
Washington, DC 20310

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