Here you will find a comprehensive listing of censorship incidents that have been brought to our attention. The first list will contain our LEGISLATIVE ALERTS for bills being proposed at various levels of government. When you click on a bill title, you will be taken to another page that will contain a full desciption of the legislative attack on our freedoms, our opinions on what the impact of the bill will have, and whenever possible we will also include the full text of the bill so you can see for yourselves what our leaders are attempting to do.


The second list will contain our INCIDENT UPDATES. Simply scroll down the list of topic titles and brief descriptions and click on any incident that interests you. When you click on an incident, you will be taken to another page that will give you a full description of what took place, our opinions on the situation, and the current status of the situation as we know it. This section will differ from the alerts in that these will be actual instances of censorship and not bills proposing legislative censorship.


The third list will contain OTHER ISSUES that do not qualify as censorship, but are issues of great concern to Rock Out Censorship for varying reasons. These issues will feature items where we feel government is overstepping their Constitutional bounds in areas other than free speech, situations where corporate policies are crushing individuals on a wide variety of possible topics, or anything else that just plain pisses us off that we run across and want to let you know about, but doesn't exactly fit the definition of censorship. Again, simply scroll down the list of topic titles and brief descriptions and click on any incident that interests you. When you click on an incident, you will again be taken to another page that will give you a full description of the situation, along with our opinions on the subject.

Whenever possible, we will also include e-mail addresses of the people responsible for the incident of censorship, and encourage you to send your responses in to let the censors know we will not stand idly by watching them trash the American concept of FREEDOM. We simply ask that when you send your responses to these people conducting the censorship, please take the time to construct an intelligent, well-written response that will show them the error of their ways.

We know that many of you will want to send hate mail, threats, and "Fuck You" letters to the censors, and we understand your absolute rage, but we have found letters such as these are counterproductive. While we maintain the hard-hitting attitude in our reporting of what is going on, and encourage you to maintain your anger toward the censors; when dealing with specific incidents, we have found it works better to first explain why we feel their policy is wrong in an intelligent manner. This way we give them every opportunity to change their policy BEFORE we get really angry.

The reason for this is we have found that many of the would-be censors in America are simply acting according to what they perceive the public desires. If enough people stand up to them and present their case for freedom, often the censors will back down. If truth and reason should fail, then we will certainly understand if you wish to send letters condemning the censors in no uncertain terms. In ALL instances though, we, in no uncertain terms, strongly discourage physical threats because (1) they'll get you thrown in jail and we don't need that, (2) they will not accomplish anything, and (3) they are stupid and a tactic of the truly weak.

For the same reasons, we strongly ask that you refrain from conducting any acts of mailbombing or other attempts to deliberately try to knock them off the net. Any acts falling outside the bounds of legitimate e-mail protest are categorically discouraged by Rock Out Censorship as methods we do not need to win this battle for our freedom. Such acts will instead serve to anger those we are attempting to persuade and will ultimately lead to our own failure. Let our strength be in sheer numbers of legitimate protest letters to accomplish our goals and let us not lower ourselves to resort to dishonorable tactics in the process.

If you know of an incident that you feel should be included in this section, please go to our REPORT AN INCIDENT section to let us know.




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