It was just another typical day for 18 year old John Schroeder from New Braunfels, Texas. Little did he know that by the end of the day he would be arrested, spend over three hours at the police station, and face a court hearing for obscenity.

Schroeder accompanied his mother to the local H-E-B grocery store to help with the shopping. While they were in the cheese section they were approached by a New Braunfels police officer who informed Schroeder he was under arrest and must come with him.

What was his crime? He was wearing a Marilyn Manson t-shirt. You know the one, we've all seen it a million times. The one with Manson on the front, and with "God of Fuck" inscribed on the back.

Apparently a couple of other H-E-B shoppers felt offended by the shirt and called the cops. Schroeder's mother, Olga Schroeder said, "It happened so fast, I was stunned. I'm totally shocked this happened, even in New Braunfels."

A municipal court hearing for Schroeder is set for January 27th. He has been charged with making an obscene display. In Texas this is a Class C misdemeanor and Schroeder could be fined $500.00. After spending over three hours at the Comal County jail, Schroeder posted $250.00 bail and was released. His Marilyn Manson shirt was confiscated as evidence to be use against later in a court of law.

Here at ROC we tried to find the phone numbers or e-mail addresses for the city officials in New Braunfels. Of course, a town as backwards as this one appears to be has no listings in Yahoo's Get Local. So if you'd like to let someone in Texas know just how absurd this arrest is, we suggest you contact the two people listed below, and ask that your complaints be forwarded directly to city officials in New Braunfels. Let them know that we will not stand for such blatant violations of our First Amendment rights.

State Representative Edmund Kuempel
Room 1N. 12, Capitol Building
Austin, TX 78711
PH: 512-463-0602

Dan Morales
Texas State Attorney General
POB 12548
Austin, TX 78711
PH: 512-463-2100
E-Mail: dan.morales@oag.state.tx.us

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