Texas "Crime Prevention" Group Calls for HOSPITALIZATION of Fans of Marilyn Manson, Gothic Music, and Death Metal Music

by Todd Wiese toddw@theroc.org
Research by John Woods roc-hq@theroc.org

Remember all that old black and white stock film footage from the fifties of rabid law makers and religious leaders screaming about the evils of rock music? "Rock and Roll has GOT to go!!" And, SMASH goes the record as he slams it on the desk. Remember that? Remember how we all thought that type of idiotic behavior could never happen in America again? Well, guess again.

"What some are calling a flash-back to Nazi Germany is happening right now in Fort Worth, Texas. A group receiving taxpayer money in the form of grants and calling itself the Crime Prevention Resource Center CPRC, a spin off of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce's "Code Blue Crime Prevention Project", is on a campaign to get school officials and teachers to closely monitor students who happen to be fans of Marilyn Manson or other "gothic" or "death-metal" music.

According to a pamphlet handed out at the meetings called, "What A Parent Can Do", this "monitoring" includes searching students' lockers, interrogating fellow students about Manson fans' activities, researching what information the Manson "followers" look up on the Internet, examining their art work, and even finding out what books they check out from the library! When a student is confirmed to be a Manson or gothic fan, the group urges parents to "consider hospitalization for evaluation." Oh and yes, the group also recommends that parents, "never underestimate the power of prayer."

The seminars were held during the weekend of December 4th and 5th at the CPRC's Fort Worth offices. About 70 participants paid $35.00 per person to atttend and represented a number of local police departments, Tarrant County School Districts, representatives from a nearby orphange, the Tarrant County Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse and the Forth Worth Boys and Girls Club. However, NO PRESS REPRESENTATIVES were invited, and those that did show up on their own were not allowed to take photographs, nor were they permitted to take copies of pamphlets and other materials being made available to the other participants. Hmmmm! What's wrong with this picture???

The meetings are run much like anti-Communist witch-hunting lynch mobs standing ready with pitchforks and torches in hand. The organizers rant and rave about the evils of Satanism and how just listening to Marilyn Manson "predisposes" your children to become violent. This according to De Lano Gilkey, one of the speakers, who is NOT a police officer, but who has a "counseling and law enforcement background" with an "emphasis on religion." Says, De Lano Gilkey, "I can sit there and listen to that music all day long and it's not going to affect me at all. But these kids, when they couple that with drug involvement, this just gives them the impetus they need to lead them to violence. You have to look where they're coming from. They have a belief system that isn't always straight like it should be." [Ed. note--Just how this man arrives at the arrogance to define what beliefs others must subscribe to is amazing.]

Officer Buddy Evans, an Arlington Police Department school resource officer and speaker at the seminar said, "Most of these kids are on medication, most are mentally unstable and most are drug users." [Ed. note--The reference to medication in this statement is the pinnacle of hypocrisy as school administrations are the ones getting kids put on ritalin and other behavior modifying medications for the slightest hint of "behavioral problems", that often are merely kids expressing themselves or acting somewhat aggressively.]

The CPRC even equates gothic rock fans and Marilyn Manson fans with gangs such as Bloods and Crips. "I'd rather my kid go to a school that has Crips and Bloods than one that has occultic gang members. The philosophy is anti-society, anti-police and anti-Christ," proclaims Ramon Jacquez, the CPRC's director. "There is no difference between [such a fan] and a Crips gang member." Note that by making this statement, Mr. Jacquez is basically saying that subscribing to a philosophy that is rebellious against the establishment is no different from committing the criminal acts of violence associated with organized gangs--quite a drastic stretch in logic, in our opinion, and one with serious ramifications for freedom of thought for individuals.

The organizers of the two-day seminars even suggest that school officials "consider the possibility of parental involvement in the occult." And if those parents continue to let their kids wear Manson t-shirts or black clothes and let them keep listening to "occult" music, they then suggest that the school contact Child Protective Services.

A Spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union, Don Jackson, reacted to one of the meetings by calling it "disturbing". He cited that schools can only search student lockers and library records if there is just cause to believe that the student is involved in illegal activity. "There is something known as the 'chilling effect.' It sounds like they are trying to stick these kids with a label so they can control them," he said.

If you can believe it, at least one police department is taking the group seriously. The Tarrant County Junior College campus police representatives commented. "This has been very helpful, very enlightening. Now, we know what to look for." We dread to think what is in store for students on this campus now that they have an "enlightened" police force.

"The proposals are ridiculous", said civil liberties advocate, Anthony Dillof, a law professor at Texas Wesleyan University. "They can't go through a student's locker just because he's been listening to some type of music or engaged in some type of activity, unless that activity strongly suggests that he's involved in some type of illegal or improper activity."

The proposals ARE ridiculous say we at Rock Out Censorship. There are more than a couple blatant Constitutional violations taking place here. We need your help in combating the CPRC. Groups like the one here led by Ramon Jacquez breed like rabbits. Help us stop them before Chambers of Commerce across the country adopt the McCarthyistic policies like those of the Fort Worth Crime Prevention Resource Center - AT YOUR MONETARY EXPENSE.

-Contact the CPRC at these addresses and, as they say in Texas, GIVE 'EM WHAT FER!:

The Crime Prevention Resource Center
Director, Ramon Jacquez
605 East Berry St. Suit #104
Fort Worth, TX 76110
PH: 817-814-7400
FAX: 817-814-7401
E-Mail: info@tccrime.com

-And don't forget the guy who authored the "What A Parent Can Do" pamphlet and advocates parents to hospitalize their kids.

De Lano Gilkey
Rock Island Regional Office of Education
3430 23rd Ave.
Moline, IL 61265
PH: 309-736-1111
FAX: 309-736-1127
E-Mail: dgilkey@riroe.k12.il.us

Officer Buddy Evans
Arlington Police Department
620 West Division Street
P.O. Box 1065
Arlington, TX 76004-1065
PH: 817-459-5700
E-Mail: apd@airmail.net

-If you're living in the Fort Worth area, please contact the following police departments and school districts and demand that they DO NOT adopt the oppressive policies of illegal search and seizure of the CPRC:

Fort Worth Police Department
350 W. Belknap St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102
PH: 817-377-8202
817-871-8830 (Gang Unit)
E-Mail: fwpd@startext.net

River Oaks Police Department
4900 River Oaks Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76102
PH: 817-626-1991

Hurst Police Department
1501 Precinet Line Rd.
Hurst, TX 76054

Grapevine Police Department
307 W. Dallas Rd.
Grapevine, TX 76051

Arlington Police Department
620 West Division Street
P.O. Box 1065
Arlington, TX 76004-1065
PH: 817-459-5700
E-Mail: apd@airmail.net

-And remember the "enlightened" Tarrant County Junior College kops. We couldn't find any direct contact info for them, be we urge you to contact the TCJC Chancellor and urge him to restrain his newly "enlightened" campus kops.

Tarrant County Junior College
Leonardo de la Garza, Chancellor
May Owen Center
1500 Houston St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102
PH: 817-515-5100
E-Mail: ldlgarza@tcjc.cc.tx.us

-We also urge you to contact the following school districts which represent most of the area schools and demand that they refrain from ANY implementation of the programs being put forth by the CPRC.

Fort Worth ISD
Thomas S. Tocco, Superintendent
100 N. University Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76107
PH: 817-871-2389
FAX: 817-871-2385
E-Mail: commfwisd@aol.com

Arlington ISD
1203 W. Pioneer Parkway
Arlington, TX 76013
PH: 817-460-4611
Deputy Superintendent Jerry McCullough
PH: 817-459-7340

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
Dr. Jim Thompson, Superintendent
3051 Ira E. Woods Ave.
Grapevine, TX 76051
PH: 817-251-5501
E-Mail: jimthmpsn@aol.com

Hurst - Euless - Bedford ISU
Dr. Ronald Caloss, Superintendent
1849 Central Dr.
Bedford, TX 76022
PH: 817-283-4461

-Please also take the time to acknowledge those how have spoken out against the CPRC:

Associate Professor Anthony M. Dillof
Texas Wesleyan University School of Law
1515 Commerce St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102
PH: 817-212-3922
E-Mail: tdillof@txwes.edu

-To express your opinion of these seminars to the Fort Worth newspaper, the Star-Telegram, email: stedit@star-telegram.com

-To ask that government and local civil liberties agencies help protect young people from illegal searches or imprisonment contact:

Fort Worth Mayor Kenneth Barr
Third Floor City Hall
1000 Throckmorton
Fort Worth, TX 76102
PH: 817-871-6118
E-Mail: Mayor@ci.fort-worth.tx.us

ACLU of Texas Fort Worth Chapter
809 Griggs
Fort Worth, TX 76103
PH: 817-534-6883
Ron Ballard - public contact
E-Mail: aclutx@aol.com

-And even if you don't live in north Texas, please keep your eye out for groups like the Crime Prevention Resource Center who blacklist kids as criminals based on their musical preference. And if you know of such activity, contact us immediately! See our Report an Incident page at: http://www.theroc.org/report/roc8.htm

-The information on which this article is based was obtained from the following sources:

Addicted to Noise: Music News of the World

Mass Music Industry Coalition (MASSMIC)

Fort Worth Weekly

*Special thanks goes out to FW Weekly Staff Writer P.A. Humphreys who came through with some vital information for this article that we just couldn't find. Thanks Pam. We owe you one.

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