1997: All dates shown are concert dates.

Feb: Salt Lake City, UT - protest led by religious groups.

Feb: La Cruces, NM - state owned venue: show canceled because New Mexico State University says it can't find enough security guards to hire.

Feb 5: Oklahoma City, OK - privately owned State Fairgrounds: "Oklahomans for Families and Children" (AFA front group) asked for cancellation. Gov. Frank Keating announces his support of a cancellation saying that, "these people are peddling garbage. It's further proof that society's moral values continue to crumble."

Feb 6: Lubbock, TX - Show protested by religious groups.

Feb 7: Milwaukee, WI - Elmbrook Middle School bans the Marilyn Manson "look" from school.

Feb 8: Omaha, NE - Mayor Hal Daub warned parents to keep their "young ones" at home with them on the night of the concert. "Marilyn Manson is a group that promotes themes such as Satanism, murder and date rape," Daub warned.

Feb 21: Fitchburg, MA - city owned venue: Calls to protest are distributed during local church services. Three weeks of picketing by religious organizations is followed by a heated city council meeting where two petitions are submitted to the council asking for a cancellation . City Solicitor rules that the show cannot be canceled. One councilor accepts, at the meeting, a private check for $5000. towards canceling the show. Proposes that the council and mayor raise other money to pay of the band. Council rejects this idea.

March 4: Anchorage, AK - protest by religious groups. City Council passes a resolution that the band's promoter be notified about the city's obscenity laws prior to the performance. Anchorage Assembly member Cheryl Clementson says, "There won't be any eating little animals on the stage, or oral sex, or anything else that they have claimed to do." Clementson and church leaders urge parents to buy up all the tickets so kids can't get them.

April 5: LaCrosse, WI - city owned venue: Several weeks of protest followed by a statement by the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, and city solicitor that the show cannot be canceled. (Arrest rate for this show was down to 4 from a 40 average.)

April 6: Normal, IL: Protested by religious groups.

April 10: Columbia, SC - state owned venue: This show was canceled and has not been reinstated. State Treasurer Richard Eckstrom after hearing of Manson's "satanism" at church writes to the University of South Carolina (venue) calling Manson "needlessly offensive and dehumanizing" and called for the cancellation of the concert. State Representative Dan Tripp (R) introduced a referendum to the South Carolina House banning Manson from ever performing in SC on state property. The referendum passed. The state also paid Manson $40,000. not to play. The payment comes from prior concert proceeds at the venue. Manson has not cashed the check. Dan Tripp says he doesn't know the details of this payment and will conduct an investigation. Governor David Beasely's offices says, "the Governor is very pleased the university canceled the show."

April 12: Biloxi, MS - State Senator Ron Farris writes to promoter asking that groups with "counter-cultural and/or radical messages" refrain from bringing their "spectacles" to Mississippi. Protest of this show brought about the local American Family Association (AFA) setting up an entire web site on the internet with information on how to organize protest against Marilyn Manson. (

April 17: Jacksonville, FL - city owned venue: 5,000 people contact the Mayor's office asking for a cancellation of the show.

April 19: Orlando, FL - City Councilman Clarence Hoenstine spearheads efforts to cancel show at the UCF arena. Plans fail as arena officials rightfully cite the First Amendment as the reason "the show must go on". Show protested by religious organization numbering approximately 175 people outside the venue.

April 22: Evansville, IN - Protest by religious groups.

April 25: Saginaw, MI - city owned venue: Reverend Dana Wilson collected 20,000 signatures asking for a cancellation. The City Solicitor ruled that the show could not be canceled. Arguing that the Bill of Rights does not apply to people under the age of 18, the Reverend has asked the city to institute a ruling that minors could not get into the show without a parent. "Someone somewhere has to draw the line and say what these concerts are exposing our youths to," said the "good" Reverend.

April 25: Internet group, POAAFA, Portrait of An American Family Association, is formed by fans of Marilyn Manson to gather concert reviews, issue statements, generate letter writing campaigns, etc. The rapidly growing organization has chapters in many US states and abroad. Check out the POAAFA web site :

April 29: Fort Wayne,IN - Religious protesters issue a statement that they have the power to "bind" evil spirits (meaning they can tie them down, restrict them, slow them down). They publish on the internet a prayer which should "bind" the demons at the upcoming Ft. Wayne Marilyn Manson show. The statement says in part: "It is not yet a general attack on Marilyn Manson or his demons. Instead, it is a demonstration surgical strike against this concert."

April 30: Paul Cambria, Attorney for Marilyn Manson sends a cease and desist order to the American Family Association (AFA) in regards to "sworn affidavits" on their anti-Manson web site in Mississippi. Cambria announced they are preparing a lawsuit against the AFA for defamation of character.

May 6: Utica, NY - publicly owned venue: Two Utica council members pressure town to cancel the concert. The Utica Common City Council cites Satanism that might "tend to pollute the minds of our youth" as the reason why the show should be canceled. The New York ACLU issues a statement that canceling the show would be a First Amendment violation. The show goes on without incident.

May 9: Washington D.C. - publicly owned venue: Nadine Winter (D), former city councilor plans to protest the upcoming show. Winter says, "Any band that sends a message like the Marilyn Manson band, we don't need it. The time is now to stop creating platforms for people who say, 'Kill your mother, Kill your father.' She plans to raise the issue of banning the Marilyn Manson band and other bands before the DC chapter of the National Political Congress of Black Women. (C. Delores Tucker's organization)

May 10: Richmond VA - city owned venue: This concert was canceled by City Manager Robert Bobb. "Satan worship and animalistic type of programming is not consistant with the image we're building for our community." said Bobb. This concert was reinstated after the Virginia ACLU announced their intention to sue the city. City Manager Bobb is now asking the city to institute a "ratings system" for future concerts.

June 15: East Rutherford, NJ - Giants Stadium: New Jersey Sport and Exposition Authority announced they will stop ticket sales and will not allow Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest '97 to play the Meadowlands unless Ozzy removes Marilyn Manson from the bill. Law suits were filed on behalf of Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne and the shows promoters. After the New Jersey Sport and Exposition Authority failed to show cause why Marilyn Manson should not be allowed to play, a Federal District Court Judge ruled their case to be groundless. The show will go on with Marilyn Manson on the bill.

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