by John Woods


Here we are barely three weeks into the New Year and already a new record labeling bill has reared its ugly head. On January 15th, HB-104 was introduced before the Georgia House of Representatives by State Representative Vernon Jones, (D) District 71, Decatur.

Some of you may recall that it was Jones who introduced a similar bill (HB-1170) before the Georgia legislature last year. Fortunately HB-1170 was killed after much debate last March by a vote of 86 - 62. Proposed bills in Georgia must have a vote of 91 to pass. For more info on this bill, go to:

House Bill 104 will make it a misdemeanor offense for anyone to sell "any sound recording bearing the parental advisory logo imposed by the Recording Industry Association of America" to anyone under 18. It's interesting to note that this is the exact same text that was contained in HB-1170. Hopefully this bill will also befall the same fate as its predecessor. It should also be noted that once again here's the RIAA's infamous "voluntary Tipper stickers" being used as the basis for proposed unconstitutional legislation.

Anyone who would like to read the full text of HB-104 can do so by guiding their browser to

If you are a resident of the State of Georgia we urge you to contact your local State Representative and express your concern about HB-104. Let your representative know that you expect them to soundly vote NO on HB-104 when it comes before them.

The names and contact information for all members of the Georgia legislature can be found at

If you're not a resident of Georgia we urge you to keep an eye out for the introduction of similar bills in your state. Since most state legislatures are now beginning their new sessions for 1999 we expect to see a whole new crop of these bills to sprout up. If you hear of any such bills let us know about them.

If you would like to contact Representative Jones and express your views about HB-104, he can be reached at the following addresses and phone numbers. We're sure he'd love to hear from you all, or as they say in Georgia, y'all. When we reported about HB-1170, Representative Jones had a e-mail address, but none is listed in his current contact info.

Representative Vernon Jones
Legislative Office Building
Room 509
Atlanta, GA 30334

District Office
P.O. Box 361360
Decatur, GA 30036

*IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED: We have just learned that a vote is scheduled to take place on Tuesday February 2nd that will move HB-104 out of the Special Judiciary Committee and on to the floor of the Georgia House of Representatives for consideration. Despite the same bill (HB-1170) failing to pass the House last year, this time Representative Jones is claiming to have the votes needed to get HB-104 passed. Therefore, we at R.O.C. hope that all of our readers, friends and supporters in Georgia will immediately contact their Representatives concerning HB-104.

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