Vero Beach Man Prohibited From Picketing Outside Lawyer's Office

by Todd Wiese

60-year-old John C. Muldoon of Vero Beach, Florida was dissatisfied (understatement) with his attorney's legal fees regarding a probate case over his mother's estate. Muldoon's lawyer, Kevin Hendrickson, evidently charged much to much for his services. So, what did Muldoon do? In the great spirit of an American Citizen, he took to the streets. With pink protest sign in hand, Muldoon marched up and down the Ft. Pierce sidewalks in front of Hendrickson's office right next to the St. Lucie County Courthouse declaring "Unfair legal fees charged".

Well, Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Cox was not amused and issued an injunction against Muldoon from coming anywhere near 500 feet of Hendrickson's office, citing that Muldoon had interfered with his former lawyer's business. The Treasure Coast Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union quickly filed filed a motion with the St. Lucie County Circuit Court to cancel the injunction.

"It is an abuse of the legal system to gag a citizen because his complaint attracts embarrassing publicity about lawyers," said Rosemarie Richard, the ACLU's local Legal Panel Chair. "What could be more fundamental in America than the right of people to peacefully exercise their constitutional right to express themselves and air their grievances?" We at Rock Out Censorship couldn't have said it better ourselves, Rosemarie.

The next time you feel like airing a few grievances, think about good ole John C. Muldoon.


Treasure Coast Chapter of the ACLU
Siegfried Christman, Chapter Chair
PH: 561-489-2190

ACLU of Florida
300 Biscayne Blvd. Suite #215
Miami, FL 33137
PH: 305-576-2336
FAX: 305-576-1106

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