Recently, a self imposed organization has taken under it's wing the cause of removing the World Wrestling Federation's Thursday night broadcast, "Smackdown" from our viewing screens. This organization is the Parents Television Council. (PTC)

It is their misguided viewpoint that it is their duty to reach out and "save us" from the so-called trash TV that has saturated the airwaves for so many years. One has to wonder why they do not see that their brand of censorship rivals Nazi Germany in the opening days of Adolph Hitler's regime.

It is no secret that most of today's television is a lot less "family oriented" then it was 20 years ago, but that in no way gives anyone the right to try to bully, harass or in any other way interfere with what the viewing public wants to see.

The ratings that the World Wrestling Federation show "Smackdown" draws (along with all of the other wrestling programming) shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that these are very popular shows and it is sought after by not only viewers but by advertisers.

This is where the Parent's Television Council attacks the shows that they feel are either not worthy of your time or too risqué or vulgar for you to be allowed to watch, the advertisers.

This site is dedicated to forming a grassroots movement against these kind of attacks because if they are allowed to continue here and they win, they will just target something else until they once again have their way.

What will happen then is a snowball effect that will eventually have a small group of zealots dictating to us what we can and cannot view in the privacy of our home, and that is something that should never be allowed to happen.

If you think WCW or ECW is immune to this kind of attack you are sadly mistaken. ECW with its hardcore product and WCW with it's new format will be fair game to these people if they are allowed to succeed against the WWF.

This is not about what wrestling promotion you choose to watch. This is about our right as human beings to choose what we want to watch. This is about people feeling that they know better than us what we should or should not be able to do. This is about our individual freedoms not only being questioned but attacked by people who feel they are moralistically superior to us. That my friends is wrong no matter how you slice it.

It is easy to join this movement against the censorship of wrestling programs, and in fact all programming in general. Our little "Just Say No" banner in the upper left hand corner is all you need to put on your website to show your support against the hypocritical rabble rousers who do this to garner themselves attention in the media so they have a free way to advertise themselves and thus put big dollars in their pockets. When you do join the cause link the graphic to http://pwbts.com as people can then come through the doorway into this section of the site. Make sure you email the WFAC with the subject box reading "I joined the cause" and make sure you send your url and name of your site so we may list you as a friend to this site.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see the list of friends grow to the thousands against the people who would TELL us what we can and cannot watch.

Spread the word that we will not stand for this, not now or ever!

Fritz Capp
Founder, WFAC

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