(ROC-News Service) Claudia Cortese of the Canton, Ohio Coalition to Free Mumia reports their "Night of Music for Mumia" benefit of April 8, with musical acts ranging from trip-hop to poetry to hip-hop to techno with a line-up including Da Boogieman, Rashimba, Dr. Huxtable and Shag-E, Urban Guerilla Poets and many others was a great success. This, despite a "fair share of obstacles to overcome." Those obstacles mostly came in the form of Canton police officers, including "a police officer intimidating previously supportive businesses into not accepting our flyers for the show anymore," Claudia tells ROC News. "Another police officer went around handing out anti-Mumia propaganda WHILE IN UNIFORM, which is highly questionable at the least. They also threatened to protest our show but they never did." The Canton Coalition feels the event "educated many people" about Mumia Abu-Jamal's case and declares "the struggle will go on, even in the face of opposition and attempted censorship." The Coalition may be contacted at Canton_FreeMumia@yahoo.com

When you're in Kent, Ohio, make sure to drop by one of ROC's favorite bookstores, cat's impetuous books at 233 1/2 South Water Street (330-677-8166). Great selection of books (from Autonomen to Zerowork), comic books and 'zines. Our kinda place! In fact the Mumia in Antioch article and Kent May 4th schedule in this ROC BULLETIN comes from cat's mailer (sign up at catsbooks@aol.com). The bookstore's web site is at http://hometown.aol.com/catsbooks/index.html. (BTW, cat is in actuality the noted poet and artist Cheryl A.Townsand.)

Even some of the outlaying Kent State University branch campuses have been showing signs of new political life of late. Students crowded into Room A-110 at the Tuscarawas County Campus to hear Randy Payton of Rock Out Censorship talk for an hour about art, music and censorship on April 5th as part of the Kent Lunch Lecture Series. The Tuscarawas (Native American for "open mouth") campus is located in New Philadelphia, Ohio (just up the road from ROC National H.Q.) which along with neighboring Dover has been home to a jumping band scene for years. Speakers from R.O.C. are available to speak to your class, rave, etc. at randyp@roc-news.com

Notice: Music and Revolution 3 is a special issue of the People's Tribune. M&R puts the fight against censorship into its overall context. M&R describes the secret meeting in the Maryland countryside that Tipper Gore organized in 1986 with dozens of the power elite, a meeting that helped set the blueprint for the ongoing war against our music. M&R also details how high prices, a lack of live venues, and the narrow playlists at radio are just as much censorship as are the major labels' in-house censorship committees. Plus, M&R looks at how the music industry's war against free distribution of music on the Internet. You can check all this out at http://www.lrna.org/league/mr/mr3.html OR, if you would like to receive the print version of Music and Revolution 3, just email musicrev3@aol.com with your name and a postal address.

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