ROC Notes

Rock Out Censorship was founded in 1990 to monitor and help counter the then-mounting wave of censorship attempts against music and the arts of the time. Since then R.O.C. activists have initiated campaigns against (and ultimately helped take down) repressive proposed legislation at both federal and state levels around the country, published THE ROC newspaper and operated a censorship incident-monitoring web site at (since 1997). The site is the place to go to access all back issues of THE ROC, tips for organizing against censorship attempts in YOUR hometown, access one of the best collection of music/band links on the World Wide Web, read our archive of Incident Updates, and much more.

As R.O.C. looks into 2000 and beyond we see election year politicians gleefully kicking at the already crumbling wall between church and state. A woman's right to choose threatened. The study of biological human evolution being removed from school curriculum and replaced by so-called "creationism." State music-labeling bills. The Arts hobbled by right-wing congressional budget cuts. Local bands under pressure by a repressive social climate to not stray far from the mainstream (covers) let alone make compelling musical statements.

Is it just us or do the times call for a COUNTER-OFFENSIVE?

Toward this end, R.O.C. has initiated ROC-News Service to monitor and hopefully help COUNTER the above trends. To be on the mailing list sign up at This Spring R.O.C. will be publishing the long-awaited (double-sized) issue #21 of THE ROC, featuring an interview with satirist Paul Krassner, Kurt Vonnegut's sardonic testimony before the notorious Meese Commission, the Impotent Sea Snakes, and much more.

Over the Summer we hope to firm up dates for a R.O.C. 2000 "Fall Offensive" tour of campuses and clubs around the U.S featuring both national and local bands, poets, (banned) films, artists, cirkus acts and speakers. Those looking to participate in the R.O.C. Fall Offensive Tour or receive a copy of THE ROC #21 can e-mail (John Woods) or (Randy Payton) for more information.

In the meantime, when you rock...

Rock Out Censorship!

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