Watching the acclaimed documentary PARADISE LOST (1995, available everywhere on video), one can't help feel that "metal heads" Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelly are serving life sentences in prison, and a third, Damien Echols sits on Arkansas's Death Row AS A RESULT OF BEING NONCONFORMISTS in their little town of West Memphis, Arkansas rather than as a result of anything SOLID provided by the prosecution in the case.

Directed by PARADISE LOST directors Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, a new film "Revelations: Paradise Lost II" will update the status of the West Memphis 3 case. 'Revelations' will air on HBO in March as a segment of 'America Undercover.'

Here is a schedule when folks can see the movie:

March 13 10:00 pm ( All Times EST )
March 14 8:00 pm
March 16 4:10 am
March 20 11:00 pm
March 23 12:00 am
March 25 8:00 pm ( on HBOP )
March 28 12:30 am
March 30 2:20 am ( on HBOP )

PARADISE LOST directors Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky are interviewed at:

Aces & Eights Recordings has been working on a West Memphis 3 benefit CD to raise awareness of the case and raise money for trust funds in the names of the three jailed youths. Artists on the album (with a projected release date of June 2000) include Tom Waits, Steve Earle, L7, Willie Nelson, Mark Lanegan, Tales from the Crypt, Nashville Pussy, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Zeke, Tony Scalzo (Fast Ball), Kelly Deal and the Supersuckers, and most recently added: JOE STRUMMER (with more to be announced soon).

For information on making donations to this struggle for justice, or to support the WM3 by purchasing fund-raising shirts, bumper stickers, etc., go to http://www.wm3.org.

A really good database of articles concerning this continuing miscarriage of justice can be found at: http://www.disinfo.com/ci/humrts/ci_humrts_westmemphis.html.


The early '90's saw Rock Out Censorship contronting fundamentalist zealots who were actively fomenting a cynically destructive, social hysteria across the heartland, with their wild-eyed claims of a nationwide 'Satanic Conspiracy' threatening to engulf America in mayhem!

Claims cited at the time by radio crank Bob Larson, 'televangelist' Pat Robertson's 700 Club and lesser lights re: a 'Satanic Conspiracy' were consistently refuted by FBI figures. In fact, FBI Investigator Kenneth Lanning declared in a special report in 1990 that "an unjustified crusade against those perceived as 'satanists' could result in wasted resources, unwarranted damage to reputations, and disruptions of civil liberties" and warned he had already "found evidence that these harmful effects of rumor-mongering are already being felt around the country." (See "In Search of Old Slew Foot" from THE ROC #2 at http://www.theroc.org/roc-mag/textarch/roc-02/roc02-08.htm.)

Letters came into THE ROC detailing citizen's rights abuses by cops with their heads filled with one too many anti-"occult" seminars (http://www.theroc.org/roc-mag/textarch/roc-08/roc08-7b.htm). We were proud to publish award-winning journalist Debbie Nathan's expose "Inside the Satan Scare Industry" ("while nation's cops chase demons, taxpayers get burned") in issue #8 (http://www.theroc.org/roc-mag/textarch/roc-08/roc08-06.htm). We even "greeted" record-burning fundamentalist road-shows (like the notorious Peters Brothers, authors of WHY KNOCK ROCK and early inspiration to Tipper Gore's PMRC), fire-extinguishers in tow (http://www.theroc.org/roc-mag/textarch/roc-06/roc06-03.htm) when they passed through Ohio. Yet, alas, as we predicted, Satanic Panic was to soon (by 1993) take it's first serious victims.


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