Mark Honig, Executive Director
Parents Television Council

Well, well we see that Buy.Com and International Collectors Society has suddenly gone the route as Toys ' R ' Us and disappeared from your PTC Marketplace. We wrestling fans and anti-censorship activists can not say that we are saddened by their departure. Since all of these merchants were large retailers of WWF items, we feel that your actions against the WWF and Smackdown in particular are nothing more than the highest form of hypocrisy. While you were bullying WWF sponsors and bashing the WWF on one hand, you were with the other raking in who knows how much dough from the sales of WWF merchandise. You guys kinda like to have your cake and eat it too.

We are here to tell you that you can't have it both ways. I guess the heat you have felt from wrestling fans all over the world has hopefully smacked you back to reality, but then again I doubt it.

Here's the burning question of the day that we the fans, the anti-censorship groups, the wrestling press, and any other press that will ask are going to keep asking, and asking, and asking until we get a satisfactory answer.

Q. By dropping Toys ' R ' Us,, and International Collectors Society from your marketplace does this mean that the PTC has severed all ties with these merchants? Or were their sites just removed so we would back off with the heat concerning your hypocrisy? Bottom line PTC'ers, are you now profiting, or in the future will you continue to profit from the sales of WWF merchandise and items?

We anxiously await your response.

John Woods
Co-Founder: ROC

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