By Eugene Koveos
from QueerCorps2000 via cat's news

Antioch College in Ohio is having Mumia Abu-Jamal speak for our 2000 commencement, along with Leslie Feinberg and several students and faculty. The date for the speech and commencement is April 29. The media circus has begun- from to Dayton Daily News to right-wing radio stations. 100's of mostly overtly racist hate-mail is coming thru e- mail and paper mail every day. We have received hundreds of death threats and threats on our safety in general. There is a student on campus in touch with the Fraternal Order of Police and spreading "fact" sheets from the racist "Justice for Daniel Faulkner" web site. Not 10 minutes away the Xenia Fraternal Order of Police is organizing. The state's office for the Ohio FOP is only an hour away. Some faculty and students have turned their backs, their silence screaming "cop killer." We need support. Any way we can get it. Please tell every organization you can about this. Feel free to pass on this e-mail to lists, etc.

Antioch College has a history of radical struggle. In recent times, many students have worked in support of Mumia. Weeks ago we held 5 teach-ins about Mumia's case in high school classes, then holding a march in support of Mumia and calling for the abolition of the racist death penalty. An Antioch student, Lailah Hanit Bragin, was arrested at the Washington, DC February Civil Disobedience in support of Mumia. She is know a member of those arrested being called the "Mumia 6," mostly members of a Queer affinity group, all facing several federal charges. We are looking for supporters to attend, for press releases to be sent out in support, for editorials to be sent to newspapers, for resources such as posters to be sent to our support committees. Anything we can do.

Please stand in solidarity for us. Our show of unity will be a major blow to the attempts to murder Mumia and kill radical spirit. Also, please send support to those having to endure the violent harassment by reading e-mails and getting obscene phone calls. Call and e-mail expressing your support, we need it. As activists we need to be accountable- we cannot allow people to be attacked through this harassment because of our actions without supporting them and being there for them.emails can be sent to: (Antioch Commencement Committee) (Dean of Students) And, thanks to Phil on the Free Mumia List, the following: On 4/4/00 the Philadelphia Daily News published the phone # of Antioch's president in the letters section for the specific purpose of making harassing phone calls. PLEASE call to express your support; they are being inundated with hate mail from cops & the like. The # is: (937) 767-6490 ALSO TOO: The Dayton (Ohio) Daily News has an ongoing debate on the Antioch issue on its message board: Take part! Antioch students need your support at this critical time. Please support us. Our unity makes us strong.

Yours in Struggle,

Eugene Koveos

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