NEWARK, NJ -- The Digital Freedom Network's "Foil The Filters" contest is under way, and entrants are encouraged to search high and low to trip up Internet censorware. "The purpose of the contest is to have a little fun with something whose greatest accomplishment is as an object of ridicule. It's the Corvair of programming," said DFN Internet Development Director Alan Brown of censorware. Different types of filtering software are used across the Internet in attempts to regulate content, but its failure is typical and often hilarious. DFN was alerted to one instance where a person's online comments were blocked because of the phrase "who reports." Censorware was to blame: it had detected the word "whore" in the first letters and blocked the transmission. This contest encourages Web surfers to take to the Internet and test sites, chat communities, and bulletin boards to uncover the most ridiculous examples of censorware failure. DFN is looking for examples both of phrases which pass through filtering software but shouldn't and of phrases which the filtering software would like to stop but can't. "Foil the Filters" entries can either be e-mailed to contest@dfn.org or submitted via a Web form at http://dfn.org/Alerts/censorware.htm .

The contest ends September 25, 2000.

--From a DFN Media Release, 9/7/00

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