by: Kirby Stokes


Other than a few tunes and the cover art this is pretty much a waste of time. Ice-T's the guest vocalist on "Illusion of Power" and of course Tony powers through some of the obligatory monster riffs, but that just don't cut it guy.

"Plastic Planet"

Now this is more like it! Geezer Butler, the master of bass wizardry has returned from a self-imposed hiatus to produce his debut solo album "Plastic Planet," which is, in a word devastating! After one listen you get the understanding of any why Geezer's been such an integral part in the historical development of the heavy rock genre. What really sets this recording apart is the sense of Geezer's unwillingness to rest on his laurels, and the influx of new blood into the project, which features vocalist extra-ordinaire Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory, young Birmingham guitarist Pedro Howse and Ozzy's drummer Deen Castronova. One of Geezer's strengths in career has been his song writing abilities. This stuff rocks with precision! Another virtue is his lyrical strength. A scathing attack on our society. Just check out "Drive Boy Shooting," "The Killer," "Give Up The Ghost," (the title track), and "The Invisible." Far too many more to mention. This whole album smokes and besides capitalism sucks! One of the best this year.


The new breed has arrived! After my first listen I had to scrape my brains off the wall! It's that intense. This is a futuristic concept album, which has none of the stale stigmas attached. Led by modern day riffmaster Dino Cazares, it leads off with the title track, and along the way you a cover of Head of David's "Dog Day Sunrise." (one of Justin Broadrick of Godflesh first bands). "Bodyhammer" is just that, it beats the fuck outta ya! Then along comes the almighty "Piss Christ." Check out the jack-hammer-like bridges, the precision work between Dino and drummer Raymond Herrera, fantastic! Oh by the way, there's no guitar leads, no need for 'em!

"Raza Odiada"

Mucho Guitarras!! This is my favorite LP at this moment in time.... Chinga!!! I mean how could you top something like a simulated assassination of Pete Wilson? (with Jello Biafra doing the voice of Wilson.) Believe me, there's plenty of "Family Values" type stuff like "Consejos Narcos." Damn good advice from Juan Vatos. An elegy for Pablo Escobar, "El Patron." This also includes my favorite track of all time "Ritmos Satanicos" HUGE!! (A . '. A .' . anyone--Hell Yeah!!) I just wish I could figure out who that guitarist is, Hmmmm.

'In A Word'

This is a collection, or an ASSortment if you will, of previously released and hard to find awesome shit from, in my opinion, the greatest three piece since the classic Motorhead lineup. The live stuff in itself is enough to die for, recorded in N.Y.C. and the Dynamo Festival. Then throw in the covers "For Madmen Only" and the totally reworked Sab tune "Changes" into the pot, sweet!


Leading off with their '91 masterpiece "Symphonaire." This is a collection their three EP's, the aforementioned "Symphonaire," "The Thrash of Naked Limbs," and "I Am The Bloody Earth. " The new tunes in particular should reaffirm their status as the Kings of the Death/Goth genre. Two songs really captured my attention, "I Am The Blood Earth," and "The Sexuality of Bereavement." The latter which is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. How the fuck did it miss the "Turn Loose the Swans" sessions?!! You will be terrified.


A startling fresh debut from NYC's duo. Lupe and Vas Kallas (vox, guitars & programming respectively). Happenin' tracks are "Meisterfrau," and "Watch TV, Do Nothing." (which is full of sweet sarcasm, so don't take it literally you fucking idiots). Check out Hansel and Gretyl or get the schlagen!

'Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide"

This mostly live album is reported to be (sadly) the last thing that Nailbomb (Alex Newport / Max Cavalera) will ever do together as a project. But whatta way to say Bye-Byes!! The live stuff (which was recorded before 100,000 people at last summers Dynamo Festival in Holland) is just about all of your faves with an awesome cover of the Dead Kennedy's "Police Truck," featuring D.H. Peligro on drums! There's two new studio tracks "While You Sleep I Destroy Your World," and "Zero Tolerance." (which would probably give Al J. and Trent R. fucking nightmares. Thanks for some of the best music ever created, guys!

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