Here at ROC we receive material for review almost on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it's rare these days to get a disc that jumps out and just kicks your ass as soon as you push the play button. But on those rare occasions when it does happen, damn it's good! My most recent ass kicking occurred when we received a packet from S S T Records bearing the latest project from Greg Ginn, titled SCREW RADIO (Talk Radio Violence). Along with some awesome cover art depicting a pig fucking a radio, this album is a techno masterpiece from track one right on through track 17. As many of you know, writing album reviews is not my forte, and I don't intend to start here, so in order to give you more insight of this album I'll use the SST press that accompanied it, but I will say this , "SCREW RADIO is one album that we at ROC highly recommend that you treat both your ears, and your mind to as soon as possible." -John Woods, Editor, THE ROC.

Radio terrorist GREG GINN and ANDY BATWINAS don't need bombs or nerve gas to grab attention and hoist the media on its own petard.

Recording as "SCREW RADIO", the sly duo use the words of politicians, journalists, concerned citizens and other annoying know-it-alls mixed with heavy percussions and guitar in order to turn the words against themselves and re-create them in sarcastic, apolitical, yet keenly observed context. By judiciously sampling, editing, and other electronic wizardry, SCREW RADIO creates a new, hilarious AND danceable form of TALK RADIO VIOLENCE.

Hear the elected buffoons themselves admit that "Political Leaders Suck" in the opening track, where the refrain "you hate your political leaders" becomes a catchy punk/techno chorus. Strangely enough, these remorselessly transposed sound bites become revealing, incisive, anti-authoritarian and witty lyrics when funnelled through the SCREW RADIO blender. The phrase "do what the military does best" and the word "violence" are savagely and percussively juxtaposed on "Weed Out the Military and Police."

Elsewhere, Marion Berry ("That Crack Smokin' Mayor is Back"), Ted Kennedy ("My Hero Ted"), and President Hillary "get interviewed" and dance mixed by SCREW RADIO, a metamorphosis that brutally exposes the politicians/media/voyeur/whore relationship. "Versateller/Anti-Christ" might be the strangest track of all. It features a fundamentalist Christian who ludicrously tries to link the generation gap, the use of versatellers, and the game "kick-the-can" into a bizarre Satanic conspiracy- it's the ultimate spoken word piece.

SCREW RADIO was brought to you by guitarists GREG GINN, who as leader and chief songwriter in BLACK FLAG and GONE helped invent an entire genre of subversive expression. He's joined by ANDY BATWINAS, who has engineered and participated in most of the recent GREG GINN projects, including the various GINN solo albums, CONFRONT JAMES GONE, and POINDEXTER STEWART.

For the record, SCREW RADIO was also the name of Ginn's Southern California real life radio show that was chased off the air last year. Stay tuned for more SCREW RADIO releases and the return of a newer form of the show in the near future.

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