By: John Woods

How does that saying go? "You sometimes can't see the forest for the trees." Well, that's exactly how we felt when we heard about this story. Does censorship happen right here in THE ROC's backyard? You bet it does! Sometimes we get so involved in all that's happening on a national level that we miss alot of things that are going on right under our noses. But not this time baby!

We are safe in saying that this story is a scenario that is played out thousands of times a day across the country, but because the bands involved are not huge icons with multi-platinum selling albums, nobody ever hears about it. But in reality folks, this is what the fight against censorship is all about. We urge other small local bands who may have had similar experiences like this to let us know about them.

So here's the deal. A local band is booked to play at a local Sportsman Club. The band decides to make their own flyers for the show. Local red-necks and blue-noses who see the flyer posted in local stores immediately claim they are offended by the flyer content and the "implied" message that they perceive that it is putting forth. The end result, they phone Board Members of the Sportsman Club and complain about this "offensive" material, and thus, the hierarchy of the Jewett Sportsman Club quietly cancels the bands gig, and thus the band looses a $350 show.

This is what happened when FORSAKEN posted this flyer for their November 18th show. From what we have been able to find out, the main complaints were about the little square in the top right corner which says, "If you want more inches, stroke it." This was taken from one of those popular biker magazines, and refers to expanding the cubic inches of your engine. What's the problem with that? Geeez, have these people no sense of humor at all? The second complaint was centered around the picture of the girl proclaiming "Rock and Roll" Our sources have informed us that complaining callers wanted to know if an "orgy" was going to take place at this show, The blue-noses here in Jewett are still trapped in the '60's. And finally, the third main complaint was that this type of band, (a hard-rock cover band) would draw a young crowd, and thus cause the Sportsman Club to get raided. Now is this the biggest load of bullshit that you have ever heard?

We wonder why they were not equally concerned about getting "raided" when they were running all those "illegal" Bingo games at this place? But when it comes to a show that might draw "young" people, they suddenly get worried. We keep you posted of further developments. If any of our readers would like to drop them a line, the address is: Jewett Sportsman Club, 85101 Sportsman Club Rd., Jewett OH 43986. And if you're really the hard-core type, you can give 'em a call at (614) 946-9455.

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