By: John Woods

Pennsylvania Label and Promoter Host Benefit Show For JAMPAC

In order to draw attention to the dangers of Pennsylvania State Representative T.J. Rooney's attempts to criminalize the sales of records with a "Tipper-sticker," a benefit concert was held in Philadelphia on October 26. Hosted by Ruffhouse Records, Electric Factory Concerts and the Philadelphia Music Conference, the show was held at the Philadelphia Theater of the Living Arts. Donating their time, and talent were, Dandelion, Latmer, The Trip, Solution A.D. and The Stuntmen. Proceeds from the show will go to the Joint Artists Music Promotions Political Action Committee (JAMPAC). JAMPAC founders, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic and Washington Music Industry Coalition president Richard White were (supposed) to be present for the event??? Again, we at R.O.C. extend our hand in solidarity to JAMPAC. For the last year and a half we also have been organizing against Rooney's HB-377, so we can only assume that our invitations to this event got lost in the mail? HEY RUFFHOUSE! HOW 'BOUT DOING ONE FOR THE ROC? WE'LL BE THERE!

Capricorn Records and NORML Respond To Attacks Leveled Against "HEMPILATION" CD

In the last issue of THE ROC we reported on the recent release of the "HEMPILATION" CD by Capricorn Records and NORML. The album is a vocal protest against the injustice of marijuana prohibition. It features 17 artists including Cypress Hill, The Black Crowes, Blues Traveler, and others. Proceeds from the sales will go to continue the work of NORML. Immediately following the release of "HEMPILATION" the attacks began. It was the topic of several news segments on CNN, CBS and other media outlets. At the forefront of the attacks was White House "Drug Czar" Lee Brown. In response to these attacks, Capricorn Records and NORML, jointly issued a formal statement on October 20.

Phil Walden, President of Capricorn Records, stated: "Capricorn Records does not advocate the use or legalization of marijuana. Our involvement with this project is to establish a forum for these 17 artists to air their personal views on an issue of great social relevance in an entertaining manner. We stand firmly by our decision to bring this project to the public through our channels as a record distributor. It is our deepest hope that Dr. Brown's recognition of this project will lead to positive discussion on the issue."

Further addressing the issue, Allen St. Pierre, Assistant Executive Director of NORML commented: "Dr. Brown's remarks to the Entertainment Industries Council will in no way create the dialog necessary to reduce the amount of cannabis that is consumed and the harm associated with its illegality. NORML has made great efforts to enjoin Dr. Brown in a public debate regarding the reform of marijuana laws and we hope that now he will honor our request."

NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, is the oldest and largest national organization dedicated solely to marijuana law reform. Since 1970, NORML has educated the public, litigated, and lobbied for a more reasonable treatment of marijuana consumers in federal, state and local law policies. NORML's reform efforts also include the hemp plant's usage for medical marijuana and as an industrial fiber.

Massachusetts Music Industry Coalition (Mass. M.I.C.) Is Ready To Fight

There is a newly formed anti-censorship organization in the State of Massachusetts, and if you live in that state, R.O.C. urges you to join up and get involved. The Massachusetts Music Industry Coalition (Mass. M.I.C.) was formed to counter the attacks on music in the town of Leominster. Our readers may recall a recent article about an attempt to have all "stickered," albums banned to anyone under 18 in that town. Mass. M.I.C. grew out of the struggle by leading a counter-petition campaign which ended up in getting the proposed ordinance voted down.

Mass. M.I.C. is now organizing all across Massachusetts and uniting with musicians, fans, promoters, broadcasters, and music industry professionals to fight censorship.

The organization is planning a number of activities which include benefit shows, public meetings, and information booths at shows in Massachusetts (at which they will be using R.O.C.'s anti-warning label petition). Mass. M.I.C. membership is only $10. For more information on Mass. M.I.C., to join-up, or find out what they're doing you should contact: Nina Crowley, MASS. M.I.C., P.O. Box 333, Leominster, MA 01453, or call 508-537-1669.

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