By: John Woods

Although the main focus of Nat Hentoff's article from the 10/24/95 issue of the Village Voice is aimed at the editorial policies of rich-boy JFK Jr's new rag, it confirms some suspicions that many of us have had all along about rap-basher C. Delores Tucker. In THE ROC #18 we exposed her and her ilk as intra-racists. In THE ROC #19 we presented facts that show her to be nothing less than a petty crook, both in her private life, and in her public elected life in Pennsylvania. And now, based on the article in George and the Village Voice, she can truly be exposed for what she is, a Jew-hating anti-Semite.

We now understand what she was ranting about when she viciously talked about "those people" who control the music and recording business. We at ROC heard this for ourselves in September 1994 when she testified before the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee in support of her buddy, T.J. Rooney and his anti-music bill, HB 377. It was here where she also fanatically raved about wanting to use old military bases for internment camps for inner-city youth. "Arbite mach fri, Frau Tucker!" And we can now understand where she was coming from when she told two ladies connected with the record merchandisers (one named Grandberg, the other named Horovitz) that all the controversy around gangsta-rap could end if just "your people" would do something.

In the George article, Tucker claims that blacks, through gangsta-rap are being set up to look like trash. See all the quotes and theories behind them in the accompanying Village Voice article. They speak for themselves. Our point is that the only people that we hear bashing these young black rappers in this manner is Frau Tucker, her home-boy Bill Bennett, and old Granny Wyatt over at the PMRC. It is they, and they alone who continue to whip up this vicious media frenzy over gangsta-rap. There is no big Jewish conspiracy behind any of this! They only conspirators are Tucker, Bennett, Wyatt & Co. They talk some bullshit about "racial cleaning" while at the same time, through their agenda of censorship, they want to implement a program of cultural cleansing.

Again, we urge you to reject this nonsense propaganda being spewed by Frau Tucker and her cronies. We thank the Village Voice and George for exposing this venomous scum for what they are, and we hope other media outlets that have the resources to conduct in-depth investigative reporting will follow the lead.

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