by: Chad White

Yes, I admit that I'd rather listen to the Black Crowes and Lynyrd Skynyrd any day before I suffer through The Cranberries (but that's my opinion). That's why every time Ekoostik Hookah happens through Wooster, Ohio, I feel compelled to wander down to the gig (which was once in my front yard at Beck's Campground) with a pack o' Zig Zags 1.25's, a bag o' happiness and a stack of Rock Out Censorship newspapers to spread the joy and the latest news from the front.

I met Dave Katz, guitarist/pianist/vocalist for Hookah, about seven months ago through a haze of sweet-smelling smoke and introduced him to the cause of the ROC. Having faced many obstacles in the never-ending fight to legalize marijuana, Dave was immediately turned on to the cause of our beloved rag.

At a subsequent meeting, I introduced Dave to some of my own compressed sensimilla and the newest issue of THE ROC. Although it was hard to follow any conversation at that point, I somehow talked THE ROC's way to the merchandise table for Ekoostik Hookah, which was visited by more than eight hundred College of Wooster students on this particular night, most of whom were experiencing some superb bud of their own.

Thanks to Dave Katz and Ekoostik Hookah for allowing the voice of opposition to be spread at their spiritual-to-the-point of religious musical gatherings, even if only one hit at a time.

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