by: Jane Cain

Jane: Do you think that the press has just taken the whole women's thing too far? I mean women have been doing things for years. I mean, it's not new.

Valerie: Right!

Jane: Do you think it's just like, "Oh, let's like, sell a few magazines..."

Valerie: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think the press has latched onto it in the whole you know, the whole "Year of the Woman" thing and all that shit. You know, I think it's kind of a two parts to it. I mean, there's, like, on one hand, there are a lot of women, a lot more women now, like, certainly in the music and, like, in a lot of other areas because they're just doing what is natural for women to do, but they're doing it more now. So, I think, on one hand, there is something going on with that, but on the other hand, the press, like, you know, they're idealizing something and something out to be bigger than it is. And it's a kind of a backlash, you know, against feminism, I think.

Jane: What do you think about Camille Paglia?

Valerie: Um, I haven't read very much of her stuff. I've only read a little bit. The most I know of her is from what Liz has told me, so I don't have my own opinion about her because all I'm getting, I'm getting her bias about what she thinks about Camille Paglia. What I've read of her, I mean, she's obviously very intelligent and very well spoken, and I think she's very interesting.

Jane: But, you know...You know, Gloria Steinem hates her...because she like totally...

Valerie: She attacks (established) feminism.

Jane: Exactly.

Valerie: I think that's good. I think that feminism and the feminist movement could do with a little very constructive, very articulate criticism, because there are a lot of things about it that, um...People lose sight of when you're in the middle of trying to fight battles, you lose sight of some of the other basic things. And I think Camille Paglia has a really good way of pointing those things out and making people pay attention to it. But I haven't read her, so I don't, you know. I don't know what I think totally.

Jane: What do you think about Camille Paglia?

Elizabeth: I love her! I worship her! She's awesome! I met her.

Jane: You did? She came here. I didn't get to meet her though.

Liz: Yeah, I saw her speak, and I bought her a gift. I bought her these really beautiful gold earrings and some lipstick and I talked to her a little bit. I think she's the most exciting, um...person to come from like...I guess you could call her an intellectual; I think she's the most exciting intellectual anywhere in the last, like, 20 or 30 years. I think she is, like, the coolest feminist since Simone de Beauvoir.

Jane: Do you think the press is, like, totally exploiting this whole feminist thing?

Liz: Yeah, but feminism has gotten so established, now there's a vanguard of feminism. And, so, it's being held up for criticism, and I think that's good because I think that the feminist vanguard, that kind of yuppie feminism, I think is bullshit. I think it's not even feminism anymore. It's like this kind of a political thing, and I don't think it's representative of all women at all, you know. And, so, that's why Camille Paglia, you know, she's really intelligent. She sees bullshit and she calls it. It's cool! Do you like her?

Jane: Yeah! I like her alot. I haven't read very much of her stuff, but I've read articles that she's written.

Liz: I read both her books.

Jane: And I agree with them.

Liz: I agree with her for the most part. There's some things that she says that I disagree with, but for the most part, I agree with her.

Jane: Well, I thank you for the interview.

Liz: Yeah! Sure. Right On! Thank you.

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