Capricorn Records to Issue "HEMPILATION" CD In Fall Supporting NORML And Protesting Marijuana Prohibition

Capricorn Records and NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, are collaborating to put out a CD album this fall that will be a vocal protest against the injustice of marijuana prohibition. High Times magazine, which covers the music scene in addition to reporting on marijuana, helped assemble the talent. Capricorn issued a press release from Nashville announcing the CD and NORML issued the following statement from Washington.

"Since even before the days of Harry Anslinger's aborted plans to arrest jazz musicians in the 1930's, there has been a connection between music, musicians and marijuana; however, it has been very hard to find connections between the music business and the marijuana reform movement. No more. Capricorn Records has broken down the closet door by assembling an extraordinary group of today's hottest bands for the first-ever benefit CD for NORML. It is appropriately called HEMPILATION. The bands include The Black Crowes, Blues Traveler, Cypress Hill, Drivin 'N' Cryin, Gov't Mule (featuring Warren Haynes), 311, Widespread Panic, Ziggy & The Melody Makers, and others. The artists are contributing 'HEMP' classics or original pieces.

The connection between NORML and Capricorn actually dates back to the 1970's when Phil Walden, the President of Capricorn served on the NORML Board of Directors. When HEMPILATION was announced, Walden said he hoped that "this project will not only be a great source of entertainment, but will also help spread the word about the positive actions of NORML and the benefits of hemp as more than a drug." Walden made clear that the HEMPILATION wasn't an endorsement of using marijuana but rather the belief that the criminal prosecution of marijuana users was unjust and unfair. This, of course, is NORML's Position. We are not trying to get people to smoke marijuana, but rather to get the government to stop arresting those who do. HEMPILATION is a testament to these bands' support of NORML's efforts to reform these laws," Walden added.

The liner notes for the CD will include more information about hemp and marijuana prohibition and will contain a membership application for joining NORML. This -- along with the royalties donated by Capricorn and the artists -- will make an enormous difference in the ability of NORML to work to end the arrest of marijuana users. NORML naturally hopes that everyone who buys the CD will become better informed and more motivated to get involved in the defense of freedom, whether they smoke marijuana or not. The HEMPILATION offers a way for both music lovers and musicians to stand up for freedom.

We also hope that more people in the music business will be moved by the example of Capricorn and the HEMPILATION artists to support NORML and the marijuana reform movement. It takes courage for a businessman like Phil Walden to take the lead in supporting NORML, but when others see the public support for Capricorn and the HEMPILATION, they may find that standing up for one's beliefs is a very satisfying experience. In fact, the music business has the power to change America. It remains to be seen how many musicians and music industry executives will be inspired by the example of Walden and the artists on the HEMPILATION and will come forward.

Almost ten million Americans have been arrested on marijuana charges since 1965. If the music business really got behind the marijuana reform movement, these arrests would stop. A lot of musicians like to sing about pot, probably even more like to smoke it, and they may think that this makes them look "cool." However, what is really "cool" is standing up for freedom. Freedom is NORML.

(For more information on the HEMPILATION, contact Jeremy Much at Capricorn Records, (615) 320-8470. For more information on the music industry's support for NORML call Steve Bloom, HIGH TIMES magazine, at (212) 387-0500.

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