By: Leslie R. Marini

Type O Negative's Peter Steele, currently on tour with Queensryche unveils and reveals the finer details of his magnifique physique in the hot (breathe deep) August 1995 "Ten Sexiest Men Of Rock 'n' Roll" issue of Playgirl magazine. Not only did he make the line-up, he also made the cover and the centerfold, along with an eight page photo layout and interview. The photos, taken by well known rock photographer Anneli Adolfsson showcase a natural extension of Peter's personality. "I never thought of myself as attractive, and that this is a cruel joke, and I'm waiting for the punch line, "Peter stated in regards to the shoot. "At first I was nervous, but they treated me well, very professionally...It was an embarrassing honor.".......In other T.O.N. news, Bloody Kisses, which was released way back in August of 1993 continues its climb to gold status at just under 500,000 units. Following the success of last year's radio hits, "Christian Woman" and "Black No. #1", Type O have released their version of the Seals and Crofts tune, "Summer Breeze" to radio stations across the country, and initial impact so far has proved that even four guys from Brooklyn who should've been arrested can grasp the American Dream. A new record is expected for an early '96 release and my bona fide prediction for Type O Negative is A+ Positive. We'll keep you posted.

Not a band to settle for the usual home movies for the fans, Sepultura have released their first collector's edition video, Third World Chaos, available for consumption at video/audio retail outlets throughout the continent. A feast for the hungry, Third World Chaos includes a generous amount of footage from the band's own personal archives, including the unseen and uncensored version of "Refuse Resist" and "Arise," which has never been aired in the United States before. Shot largely by band, family and crew members during Sepultura's 1993/94 world tour, TWC includes scenes from the band's opening summer of '94 slot with Pantera, as well as footage of The Dead Kennedy's Jello Biafra performing "Holiday in Cambodia" with Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser and drummer Igor Cavalera. Also included are never-before-seen live performances shot at Castle Donnington (we do so love to vacation there each year) of the beautiful and haunting "Kaiowas", "Orgas-matron," and "Policia." In the spirit of ecumenical understanding, Sepul-tura visited Jakarta, where the band has achieved Gold and Platinum status and became the first of their kind to witness the controversial Indonesian religious ceremony called DeBus. Footage is included here of DeBus practitioners in a self-induced trance inserting long needles through various parts of their bodies, and Sepultura were invited to attend this ceremony by Setjiawan Djody, a local tanker magnate who has entertained in his home the likes of Mick Jagger and David Bowie. No doubt the Jakaartans know how to party. As well as rare interviews from MTV Europe and MTV Brazil, Third World Chaos includes the MTV Video Award Winner clip "Territory," "Slave New World," "Dead Embryonic Cell," and "Inner Self." We're confident that Third World Chaos should hold howling Sepultura fans at bay for some time, as the band will enter the studio in September to record their next album. Stay tuned.

By now, the citizens of Charlotte, North Carolina, proud heirs to another NFL expansion team have suffered and endured the wrath of Glen Benton and Deicide. No word yet from the hellfront, but as usual, Deicide have managed to "cause a stir" so quotheth their record company, Roadrunner, at Blockbusters and Towers throughout the land. Of course as every bloodthirsty little pagan monster knows, Deicide's current release, Once Upon The Cross, features Jesus Christ Superstar himself, a bit more undressed than Peter Steele's full frontal display. The cover artwork, executed by U.K. artist Trevor Brown shows a Christ-like figure covered in a white sheet with blood seeping through the stigmata parts. Since the record doesn't come with instructions, but the press release did, bold and saucy little listeners should turn the cover to the following page, which is almost like actually removing the sheet, and voila! An illustration depicting Jesus Christ on an autopsy table is revealed, complete in all details. While Deicide's Glen Benton has described the artwork as "extremely beautiful", it remains in doubt if the O.J. Simpson jury will be allowed to study the cover for a better understanding of autopsy procedures. Once Upon A Cross is being made available to retailers with either a completely unobstructed cover, which really isn't any more dramatic than any B-Grade horror film, or with a huge warning label that obscures virtually the entire front cover. You have to look inside for the good parts.

Where for art thou, O Testament? By the time this rolls off the printing press, Chuck, Eric and the rest of the tribe will be finishing dates in Argentina and Brazil, and a guest shot at Denmark's fab Rokslide Festival. October plans for Testament include touring Australia and Asia. But wait.....there's more: in a move to further prove their hard-earned and hard-edged degree as Doctors and Progenitors of Aggressive Music, Testament have taken complete control over their own lives and careers (good call) and are set to release their own version of Live At The Fillmore. Some of you who are only recently made don't know about the Fillmore.....The Fillmore West (there was an East Coast version as well), located in San Francisco, is one of the most famous venues in the United States, if not the world. Your mortal parents will no doubt coo and coddle over such legendary names as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Santana, as well as a swarm of others all played at one time or another at Bill Graham's positively decadent venue, and Testament spent the night of April 22nd live and in performance at the well haunted club. Live At The Fillmore will be released on the band's own record label, Burnt Offering, under the direction of their management company, Megaforce/Crazed. "Live" is slated for worldwide distribution, and as soon as our dear friend Maria unburies herself from under the mounds of paperwork her uncanny male cohorts are so fond of burdening her with, we promise a splendid review. Testament Vocalist/Band Leader Chuck Billy recently stated in regards to Live At The Fillmore, that "now we can take the law into our own hands. We pride ourselves creatively as being a solid force in the hard music genre since the band's inception and we'll only get heavier. Besides, nothing beats getting a crowd's reaction at a Testament's fantastic to have fans come up and tell us they are so glad we still stick to our roots......Testament music is still a force to be reckoned with!" As are the Snackwells' cookie ladies.

Current rumors abound, but until we know otherwise, Ministry, who completed a smashing and sold out Japanese and Australian tour earlier this year are purported to have finished work on their upcoming record. Tentatively titled, Filthy Pig, we are promised a complete, full blown, all out corporate mind fest of hype to promote the new Ministry, beginning with a late August tour of all the major European festivals. October brings Ministry back to the United States......Be forewarned mortals and others alike, of course, anything could change at any time....but nobody's saying when. We will, of course summon the powers that be to bring you a coveted Ministry interview in the days to follow. Also on tour, brazenly raping and pillaging the minds of small town Americans everywhere, are Sweaty Nipples and Tad. Duck and cover.

In the new releases portion of our transfusion, the new Fear Factory, Demanufacture, is being heralded as nothing short of brilliance. Pure, unspoiled, untarnished and unchallenged BRILLIANCE. But is it heavy? Ask the Beavis and Butthead crowd. The new Fear Factory is REAL. It is a definitive fact among the minions and a sign of hope, a shimmering star of Bethlehem in a veritable wasteland of corporate rock muzak that somebody (Psycho?) actually had a brain and let this one get past the thought police. So take corporeal form and haunt your local record store for Fear Factory: Demanufacture, take it home, take your head out of the toilet, play it very very loud, and when your pathetic pimply faced little friends squawk, "is it heavy?" place them immediately in a coffin sized space with no contact with the outside world, and blast out their already worm infested eardrums with this masterpiece. While you sop up their oozing grey matter with your mother's best Sears brand plush towels, you may hear a faint cry in a dim, tiny voice, muttering, "is it heavy?" It's only an echo and nothing to fear. Demanufacture should be in record stores NOW, it's available from Roadrunner, who's pact with Satan should be just about due by now. Demanufacture owes much of it's credit to molten god of production Colin Richardson, who also bamboozled us with Machine Head, and lending a hand on the gruntboard is Front Line Assembly's Rhys Fulber and a guest spot by Greg Reely, whom we trust is famous enough to be mentioned here.

Speedball have taken the little tree-hugging mentality of Green Day (haven't they broken up yet? Hasn't one of them dated Cher yet, or married Heather Locklear? I mean, what goes with those guys?) into the realm of semi-nuclear terrorist attack. The new record, available on Energy is called, Do Unto Others...Then Split is the best rush hour stress relieving bit of chord caffeine available today. It's unlikely you'll see Speedball unplugged on Muck TV anytime soon, but as dawn approaches I've been entertaining a little fantasy of Speedball and an acoustic version of the record played in a hot steaming tub....Atlanta's Big Twin Din can puff themselves up with pride as being selected to appear on Metal Blade's Metal Massacre Compilation Disc #12. At present time, the band are in discussion with Skrew's Adam Grossman for an all out, full blown production that should truly bring this blazing trio of Southern Industrial Sludge into the arena. South Florida's independent purveyors of noise, GJ Records has signed Fort Lauderdale's Core Chaotic. Core Chaotic along with Raped Ape appear on the Slammie Awards Compilation Disc, available through Pavement Distribution. In Tampa Bay, the home of the world's worst professional football team, folks are gearing up for the 1995 Tampa Bay Metal Awards once again. This year the show takes a different twist--instead of taking place in September during Labor Day Weekend, the show moves to late November and as-yet-to-be announced venue. More on that as it happens.

That's it campers! Got any news, info, comments, or hate mail, I read it all. Send your stuff to THE ROC and I guarantee you fifteen minutes of fame. Remember to use your turn signals and fight the good fight. C-Ya!!!

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