by: Kirby Stokes

"The Complicated Futility of Ignorance"

The sphincter triplets are back again! (This disc has actually been out for several months, but you dear readers of THE ROC know about our situation of "irregular" printing schedules. (Hah!) So better late than never as they say, besides this un' merits review! The follow up to '93's "Creep Diets" is a classic piece destined to rank up there with "Paranoid" or "Reign In Blood." It's that devastating. If you're not familiar with the band this is as good a place to start as any, as well as their first movement, "Hate Songs In E Minor." I could yap for hours about this disc, suffice it to say that every tune on this 12 track disc is just phenomenal! By the way, track 12 is a bonus not listed. "Pope Calvin III" is a collaboration with Clutch's Neil Fallon. If you are partial to the pounding tribal style of say, Martin Atkins drumming, this should be right up yer alley. The band consist of (as always) Alex Newport, (screaming, riffing mayhem) Dave Ryley, (bass Hawaii Five-O Style) and Adrian Parkin, (masterful percussions). I read somewhere in Metal Maniacs that some writer claimed that this LP as well as their whole catalog is "overproduced?!!" What?!! All I have to say is that I've seen them live three times and they always pull it off, so slag off you silly git!!! Run, crawl, beg to obtain this one at all cost! (Huh-huh-huh!!) More satisfying than a Snicker!!


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!! I know there are those of you who are saying, "Who the fuck is Drag?!! Well for those in the CHILL (Chicago, IL) area they are known and loved, soon to be nationally and hopefully worldwide. Based in the "industrial" or "cyber-punk" if you like, genre, the band is H. Beno (vox, programming) who was the editor and assisting in programming on Ministry's "Psalm 69," as well as the "Just One Fix" single and the "N.W.O." single. As a matter of fact, he co-wrote the track "Fucked" along with Paul Barker on that single. So it's a given that with credentials like this, it'll rock with integrity. The guitars are handled by R.B. Green and Joe "Ming the Merciless" Callahan. The bass Garrison "Hasil Adkins Rools!" White. To the songs, leading off with "Guardian Angel" right into "Sinister" will give ya just a sample of the wallop this band packs live! "Lie In State," "Moan Song," "Azimuth," and "Four Speed" follow relentlessly. If you bag is shakin' yer groove thang, or bangin' ya head, this band shall fill that void. Write to: Flipside Records, P.O. Box 60790, Pasadena, CA 91116 for a catalog.

(TVT/Wax Trax)

ACHTUNG! SCHNELT! The Teutonic/American assault team has returned to rip the system a new ass! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the record store, here they go goin' it again. While not quite as awe inspiring as "Angst", it sure does the trick featuring new (old) member Raymond "The Pig" Watts lead vox on numerous tracks. The first tune "Ultra" is just that with William Rieflin (of Ministry, REVCO fame) on drums and soaring slide work from Durantula, and a nimble fingered lead courtesy of Herr En Esch. "Juke Joint Jezebel" is the hit single, but the real meat in this schnitzel would be tracks "Beast," "Terror," "Revolution," and "Brute." "Beast" (which features Sascha on vox grooves god-like. "Terror" seems to me to be a foreshadowing of things to come (i.e. Oklahoma City). "Revolution" is striking in its realistic outlook. "Brute" is so fuckin' heavy it defies the laws of physics!! What more can ya say about K M F D M? Look for the interview in this ish. More contagious than a virus.

"Skeletons In The Closet"
(Griffin Metal)

"C'mmaann!!" Aahh it's been way too fuckin' long. (Sound the Knell! - Hail Satanas!) This disc is all unreleased tracks, re-mixes and radio/TV outtakes (check out the "Mariachi" take.) I laughed so hard I fuckin' cried. Highlights would be "Soots Shit," "Intro tapes 85/86 tour," and my personal anthem "Possessed" (re-mix) along with "Manitou" (Abby Road un-cut mix). This will have to suffice while we wait with baited breath for the return of the original lineup's (Cronos, Mantas & Abaddon) new disc. They've already announced their headlining status at this year's Dynamo Festival (Europe's prestigious metal gig of the year). The masters of Black Metal have returned, and word has it they're pissed!! Let's only hope they tour the US. Prepare to be sacrificed!! S.A.D.I.S.T. Mistress of the Whip!! Aauughh!!! Write to: Griffin Music, P.O. Box 87587, Carol Stream, IL 60183-7587 for a catalog.

"Be Forewarned"

I must admit that when I first saw the name I thought "oh boy, another death metal band (not that there's anything wrong with that, just so many talentless ones.) Then I read the press kit and I saw the name Sabbath which kinda made me interested, so I put the tape in and POWW!! I was in Black bliss!! It was the first track "Live Free and Burn." Hmmm, I wonder what that means? I swear I can hear Tony Iommi coughin' someplace!! Of all the bands that emulate the Sab four (Trouble, Sleep, etc.) these guys are the champs. Vocalist Bobby Liebling has Ozzy's psychotic wine down to a "T". Masterpieces included "Ask No More," "Vampyre Love." But my favorite tracks are "Bride of Evil," (which I have had to rewind and listen to again and again), and then that "Petrified." (Petrified anyone?!!) And that's what happens upon the playing of it, sitting or standing, fucking preferably at the same time, hah! With cotton mouth! There's even a Fluff like acoustic piece called "Laguna Sunrise." But the last song is horrible (the title track). It sounds like a Great White out-take, yecchh!! This is a fantastic LP, all we need now is the real thing.

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