SWEATY NIPPLES Tramples Through Mansfield and Talks With R.O.C.

by:Chad White

The Planet Earth in Mansfield, Ohio is a poorly renovated ice cream stand with a pretty intense atmosphere. As a matter of fact, the only drawback besides its size is the asshole in charge of the place. Even John Metzger, of the Quaker Theatre fiasco, never agreed to let R.O.C. in the door only if we glamorized his club in print as this jerk did.

Anyway, I had never heard Sweaty Nipples before I was caught up in a four man mosh pit slammin' away to the cosmically orgasmic industrial funked up thrashing wall of sheer (OH MY GOD!!) fucking energy being churned out by this instrumentally promiscuous six-man-an'a tape loop band from Portland, Oregon.

Because of the chronically disgusting state of mainstream rock 'n' roll right now, I'm sure that about the only way you'll hear these guys is to put off buying that new alternative lite disc you've been lusting after, and trust me enough to buy "Bug Harvest", Sweaty's Megaforce Records debut. It may just provoke you to put away your goddamn grungy flannels long enough to pick up a Jagermeister and bang your head the old fashion way. Imagine, Sweaty Nipples and Jagermeister save Rock 'n' Roll! Nice dreams, huh!

Anyway, these are the testimonies of Davey Nipples and his feelings.

On the significance of the alien figures silhouetted on the amplifiers..."In one word...awareness. Some people believe that they exist and others don't. It's all up for opinion, of course. Several people in the band consider their existence to be a very viable possibility, so we sport them on our amps."

On the impending passage of HB 377 (PA) and similar bills in other states..."We are vehemently opposed to any kind of restrictions regarding artistic freedoms, and we always have been. I've heard of these bills but I had no idea that they carried such stiff fines and ridiculous penalties. Fuck, that sucks! I would do anything in my power to benefit the opposition of the censors, and everyone in the band feels that way. Fuck, you can't take these rights from somebody, it's bullshit!"

On the goals of Sweaty Nipples..."The bottom line is that we are doing this because we love to do it. We have had problems with record labels and people flippin' a shit because of the name. I don't want to be the "next big thing" like Smashing Pumpkins or something. We've built a cult following, out in the west and that's what we are sticking to. I don't think we'll ever be a one-hit wonder kind of band. We just do what we do and hope more people get turned on to what we're doing, like you saw us and liked us, so we did our job in Mansfield, OH. That's what it's about, exposing people to what we're doing, so that's what we do. We're paying for this tour out of our pockets, we aren't getting any support from the label at all. It's a bitch!"

Davey's gratitudes..."Fuck, thanks for the support and for wanting to do this interview. We'll catch you on our next swing through Ohio. Bye, Bye."

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