a review by Susan L. Rosen

Howdy folks! Here I sit pondering what to write on my second assignment for THE ROC. It's supposed to be a review of My Life With Thrill Kill Kult's live show, but I think I'll enlighten everyone with an analysis of the entire show. This includes the band Prick as well as Lords of Acid. Ok, here goes. (Quiet on the set, please!)

First, I must mention that this show took place in Norfolk, Virginia. As I suspected before I went, most of the things that were supposed to take place at the show (body piercing, tattoos, etc.) were not allowed. I later found out from the singer of Lords of Acid, that she was not allowed to perform certain acts on stage because they were too sexual! (We arrived on this topic after I discovered a rubber ding-dong sitting on a table backstage, and a blow up doll in her suitcase!) So just keep in mind that this is the state where oral sex is illegal and screwing your cousin (who's also your sister) is ok.

The show began with a band from L.A. called Prick. They sounded pretty cool and the audience really seemed to enjoy them so I gave them a "thumb's up." Later on though after hanging out with one of the members of the band, whose name I won't mention (pink hair, European accent), I realized that the band name is very well deserved!! "NO! I WILL NOT GO TO YOUR HOTEL ROOM AND FUCK YOU! SO LEAVE ME ALONE, ASSWIPE! They can just take that thumb and stick it up their butts!!!

Next, My Life With Thrill Kill Kult arrived on stage. They projected an awesome techno groove with the enchanting sounds of different vocalists. (It was beautiful, I tell ya'!) It was so cool that when I felt the urge to urinate, I waited! This was my first time seeing them live and I would definitely see them again!

Now it's time. Here they are. My camera's ready to go. Lords of Acid strolls out onto the stage and begins to play. At least I think that's Lords of Acid! "Get this damn smoke out of my face! Turn down the lights butt-munch!!!" Can you believe it?! I'm so close that I can practically taste their toe cheese, I have a camera in my hand, yet I can't get one decent picture!!! I wasn't even sure what they looked like! OK, OK, I'll quit bitching! Other than that, they put on a killer show! Their sound is like a techno-rave-rock-sorta thing that is very captivating and makes you wanna boogie! (Which I did!) They have a fascinating stage presence with the main focus on the very eccentric lead singer, Ruth McArdle. They all wore very intriguing outfits which I highly recommend checking out (one of the guys looked better in women's lingerie than me!) This, of course, was not clearly visible until after my three song picture taking limit. Even though they weren't allowed to perform all they had planned, I still think the show they put on was sensational. I believe the audience seemed to agree with me since I almost got kicked in the head several times by crowd surfers being thrown over the barricade! (This made it a little difficult to boogie). I give 'em two snaps in a Z formation!!!

Well kiddies, I hope you enjoyed my little review. If you ever get the chance to see Thrill Kill Kult or Lords of Acid live, I highly recommend getting off your hairy ass and doing it!

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