by: Kirby Stokes

K M F D M. what can ya' say about 'em? Only that they're probably the most intense act alive today, rippin' the system a new ass! If yer not familiar with 'em, it's way past time ya' did! What musical category box do they fit in? Certainly not the generic "industrial" term. How about "thrashdiscohiphoppunkindustrialfunk" (one word), or maybe "cyberpunk," if you like.

But most definitely the German-American (and now British) sonic assault troupe spells out in this interview what they're are all about, Your marching orders have been served! "Schenelt! Roust!, Achtung!...,Macht!" K M F D M are: Sascha Konietzko (vox, programing, percussions & bullhorn), En Esch (vox, guitar, percussions), Raymond Watts (vox, guitar), Gunter Schulz (guitar, also known formerly as Svet Am), Mark 'Durantula' Durante (guitar), Jennifer Ginsberg (vox), and Dorona Alberti (vox).

K M F D M does NOT SUCK!

ROC: How did Q-101's Jamboree '95 go for you? (A show held at Tinley Park by a Chicago radio station).

Sascha: Not too bad, considering we were the only band that had any fun. (laughs).

ROC: You had some really cool liner notes on the "NAIVE: HELL TO GO" disc concerning the P.M.R.C. and MTV. What would you like to see happen to these organizations, or what would happen to these assholes in the world of KMFDM?

Sascha: (laughs) Well, it all starts with basically educating yourself as to who and what these fuckers really are. I mean, I really think that every individual has the power to make a difference. If people weren't so ignorant these people would not be in power. Call them "liberals, right-wing," they are all the same, but yeah, (points his forefinger to the temple) It all starts up here man.

ROC: This next question kind of has two parts. What went through your head witnessing the bombing in Oklahoma City? After writing "TERROR", it was really weird. Do you have a crystal ball or what?

Sascha: It wasn't really hard to see it coming man. What was it Frank Zappa said, "can't happen here in Kansas City, Kansas." But it did and it will again. You know we have some people come up to us and say (in a goonish voice), "Golly you shave yer' heads 'n' wear boots like that (nods head towards En Esch) 'n' yer from Germany, so ya must be Nazi fascist fuck like us!" And we're like, "no-no-no, we're not!" But like the intro of the song says, "some people call them terrorist, these boys have simply been misguided."

En Esch: You know the line in "GODLIKE" that says "Get on the right side." Well we changed it to "Get on the left side."

ROC: The track "BEAST" kind of struck me as being about the "gangbanger" mentality, you know being pushed into situations like how do you expect us to behave and react?

Sascha: In a way, yeah, I had all my friends from the hood at the Wax Trax in store appearance yesterday, but it's more about the self empowerment, education. The line says "I will not believe I've got no choice."

ROC: "Revolution" has to be one of the most descriptive songs on the subject I've ever heard.

Sascha: Well, everyone senses that we are living at the end of an era.

ROC: Not to sound like milleniests but, that is true.

Sascha: Yeah, then you see this flyer at the show saying "No Moshing, Stage Diving, Crowd Surfing, No Nothing." The kids are just trying to have fun before it's all over.

ROC: Are you still based out of Seattle? I was expecting some elements of grunge on the disc. (laughs)

Sascha: That stuff's horrible! Everyone thought that Nirvana was ahead of the pack, which wasn't really saying much.

Raymond Watts: I really didn't get all this retro...Bullocks!!!

Sascha: Yeah, 15 years from now there will be some kid saying, "Ooh look! There's Mark Durante wearing a Wax Trax 13 year box set T-shirt!" (laughs)

Raymond: It's all Bullocks!!

ROC: Don't you think that all that has to do with the fear of the future. You know let's all hide and watch the fuckin' "Brady Bunch."

Raymond: That must be it.

ROC: There's another band from Seattle (not to mention any names) that portrays itself as "alternative" but it sounds like '70's shit, you know, like Grand Funk Railroad shit. (laughs)

Sascha: Speaking for myself I had to just get out of Chicago for awhile. It just got to be too much.

ROC: Chicago will do that to you.

Sascha: Yeah, all my friends are here and everything else you know. I would go to a club that would be blasting out Virus and they (the club) would say, "you can only come inside if you're wearing bondage gear." I was like, Okay...(laughs). You know I recently got married?

ROC: Congratulations.

Sascha: (laughs) Thanks and I realized this is where I want to settle down. There's nothing I want more than to be a citizen. I've been here six years now.

ROC: One more year.

Sascha: Yeah!

ROC: I have to ask you about the song "CRAZY HORSES". Did you guys write that? Because there's another band I like, Lawnmower Deth, that does it.

En Esch: No, it was written by the Osmonds. (laughs)

ROC: About another track "GO TO HELL". That struck me as being about the C.I.A.

Sascha: That and Vietnam, you know the line, "I pick the orchids in Nicaragua's jungles."

ROC: That's a beautiful line.

Sascha: It is.

ROC: I guess I might be one of the few people who knows that KMFDM stands for (in translation) "No Pity For The Masses." How did you come up with it?

En Esch: Literally on our doorstep, the Sunday Paper. We took certain words out and put them together.

ROC: So kind of like the William S. Burroughs cut and paste style?

Sascha: Exactly!

ROC: What problems in society do you see that bothers you the most?

En Esch: People on the streets walking around with nowhere to go. Everyone should have a home and not having any teeth. (dental care)

Gunter Schulz: Definitely everyone should have healthcare.

Sascha: Bigotry! People who say they are down with every one of different races, then as soon as their backs are a bus driver who says, "I hate those fucking blacks or Indians or whatever."

ROC: Hypocrisy in other words.

Sascha: Exactly! And the direct link between fascism and Christianity. I'm part Jewish, my grandmother was Jewish and she saw her friends and relatives led to the fucking gas chambers. Obviously they didn't get her. I hate fucking Christians.

ROC: Anything you'd like to say in closing?

Sascha: Yeah! Think and empower yourselves. We can make a difference, and Rip The System!!!

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