By: John Woods

On August 1st, the Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression announced that Rock Out Censorship was the recipient of their 1994 - 1995 "Lifetime Achievement Award." The award is in conjunction with the annual release of BCFE's "Heroes & Villains" list which includes individuals, organizations, businesses and institutions that had the strongest positive and negative effects on free expression, the arts, and First Amendment rights in the past year. Lifetime Achievement awards are given to one individual and one organization in each category. Previous Lifetime citations for heroism have gone to Alan Dershowitz and the American Civil Liberties Union (1991-92); Peggy Charren and the American Library Association (1991-92); Harvey Silverglate and People for the American Way (1992-93); and Don Edwards and the National Coalition Against Censorship (1993-94). Sharing the 1994-95 award with Rock Out Censorship is Leanne Katz, Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Censorship. The Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression, an affiliate of the National Campaign for Freedom of Expression, is an alliance of artists, arts administrators, writers, teachers and citizens concerned about censorship and the arts. For more information about BCFE, or to obtain a copy of their 1994-95 Heroes & Villains list contact James D'Entremont or Robert Chatelle at (617) 497-7193.

Yvonne Nicoletti, is an 18 year old honor student at Andover High School in Massachusetts. When she came to school wearing a White Zombie t-shirt, Assistant Principal Ellen Parker ordered her to go home and change. Parker found the design emblazoned on the shirt, a caricature of large breasted women, offensive. Nicoletti left the school, but then, with her parents consent, returned to the school grounds wearing her bra outside the offending shirt to cover some of the graphics. When she began a silent vigil standing on a boulder opposite the school, principal Timothy ordered her to leave. When she refused, he had her arrested and charged with "disturbing a school," then suspended her indefinitely. With the aid of the Massachusetts Civil Liberties Union, Nicoletti was reinstated at Andover High a few days later. In July, Judge Elizabeth Flatley of Lawrence District Court formally filed the case, insuring that it would slip into oblivion without coming to trial, and leaving the question of Nicoletti's First Amendment rights--and that of other Massachusetts high school students--unresolved. Nicoletti's spirited, courageous, principled stand against censorship serves nevertheless as an example to students in increasingly repressive public schools across the country.

David Yow, lead singer of Jesus Lizard was arrested in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 18 after dropping his pants before the Lollapalooza crowd at the Riverbend Music Center. Yow was released on $1500.00 bond, but must appear for trial on August 25. He could face 30 days as guest of the Queen city. Not to be upstaged, it was reported that Hole's Courtney Love bared her breast at future shows. Now that would be "indecent exposure."

And while we're on the subject of Lollapalooza, R.O.C. had its Pittsburgh stop at Star Lake Amphitheater on July 30th. We collected several hundred signatures on our petition against Pennsylvania's HB 377. We were also able to give out hundreds of copies of THE ROC to concert goers. Our only complaint about the whole affair was that only the non-profit political organizations were NOT allowed to take donations for any merchandise to help fund their various causes. Meanwhile, vendors on the main concourse were selling every trinket and other assorted junk that you could think of. There were only a small number of non-profits including Rock For Choice, Lifebeat, and Rock The Vote just to name a few. Our point is that the organizations that can benefit the most from a setting like Lollapalooza are the most restricted. We don't believe this is what Mr. Farrell had in mind, but then again, since each year Lollapalooza turns more and more into a corporate orgy, who knows? If this restrictive policy against non-profits doesn't change, all we can say is Fuck Lollapalooza!


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