"We're BA-AA-CK!"

Welcome to THE ROC Vol. 6. No 1. issue #18. This begins our sixth year of (semi-) regular publication. Inside this issue we go head-to-head with the current Calvacade of Stupidity (censorship legislation) coming down the pike in 1995 and try to come out swinging.

After a 4 issue run of multi-colored, hell-raising ROCs (#14-17) coming at friends and foes alike at a frenzied bimonthly clip, R.O.C. went on an involuntary hiatus (fighting H.B. 2982 in Pennsylvania -with ZIP help from the recording industry, we might add- broke the ROC war chest). But now, as they say in the movies, 'We're ba--aa-ck!"

Subscribers are once again getting THE ROC in their mail boxes, (or whatever record store, club or newsstand you've lucked into finding it at) courtesy of numerous new subscribers turned onto the paper through the recent, excellent feature piece by Al Weisel in the Oct. 20, 1994 Rolling Stone (thanks for your patience, folks) and especially to generous contributions from one Mr. Dave Marsh and one Mr. Jello Biafra.

There are actually signs that significant segments of the music industry might FINALLY be ready to take the censors on nationally. With YOUR participation, dear reader, we hope to help give the New Victorians the thrashing they've long richly deserved in the year ahead!

The editors

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