By: Randy Lee Payton

The staff of WRLC 91.7 FM ("the alternative") student-run radio station at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania organized a dance-concert with proceeds benefiting the programs of Rock Out Censorship on April 1st (April Fool's Day!) John, Randy and Mike of the National ROC office in Ohio, fueled by the traditional ROC regimen of coffee and junk (i.e., energy) food made the 7-hour drive across PA. (and later fought a snowstorm in the mountains on the way back home) to "make the scene" (work a literature table) at the Williamsport, Pennsylvania college.

It was well worth the trip! First up was Jenkin's Loop. John and Adam (students at State College) played a Ramones-ish set with guitars and drum tapes, including their song "UFO's," which (should these guys get this number out on a cheesy 45) has "novelty hit" written all over it! (For tapes/bookings: 814-238-0965.)

Next up was the metallic crunch of Muff Dive and the "heavy rock" sounds of Thunder Circle (which has an album called "3 Months of March" coming out April 20th (write: TLM Records, 1232 PN. Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701) followed by the improv-punk-jazz-funk stylings of Jazz Man's Needle (717-326-5364). Finally, we got to hear the M.K. Ultra Project, an off-beat mix of punk and psychedelia (717-435-3102). As synchronicity would have it the R.O.C. crew was distributing the 2nd issue of our friends Alex and Pam's new mag M.K. Ultra (the Pittsburgh paper now transplanted to 923 North Denny Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46201; $12.00 for a year's subscription, for interviews with bands like Lords of Acid and White Zombie, UFOS. comix and more --our kinda read!)

We want to thank Christie Vaughn, Bonnie Penman, Lisa Plank and Kristin Williams of WRLC and everybody who helped make this benefit concert a success, with monies going to help print the paper you have in your hands AND send out thousands of copies across the U.S. There is already talk of another benefit and R.O.C.'s participating in an all-day "teach-in" there (on the issue of censorship) sometime in the days ahead.

The energy and interest shown in free expression issues by the students at the April 1st benefit gig suggested the massive potential of campuses as staging grounds for beating back the censors in the days ahead.

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