"PROSPECTS FOR FREEDOM" - Call for Anti Censorship Confab for Students, Artists, Activists with: Points for Discussion

by Randy Lee Payton and Wink for R.O.C.

Rock Out Censorship would like to propose a 2-day "Freedom Forum" Conference for students, artists, activists, cyberpunques and other concerned citizenry for the late Summer/early Fall 1995.

The conference would focus on "Prospects for Freedom" in the period ahead consisting of workshops for free expression activists from the midwestern corridor and around the U.S., where we can address issues facing our forces in the inevitable "Culture Wars" of the '96 Election Year ahead. (The last time we organized a similar get-together was August 1992; so much has happened politically in the U.S. since the time we feel such a conference is long overdue.)

Site for the Conference is still being discussed along the nationwide R.O.C. Phone/fax/e-mail "tree". There may even be a PERFECT, hospitable CAMPUS somewhere (with dormitory housing in summer available free or low-cost to conference attendees) which we're not thinking of, as well. Feedback from Student Activities Committees interested in co-sponsoring such a conference is welcomed...

Issues to be addressed by the conference could include:

(1) How can we better help high school and college students mobilize around free expression issues in the '95-'96 school year? The potential of college radio and the student press, and more.

(2) How we can better help the Creative Community (artists, musicians, fans, computer wizards) more easily lend their talents to helping lead the fight for free expression?

(3) How might R.O.C. and it's friends --Students, artists and people generally on the fair side of 30-- better communicate (START communicating?) to that Great Amorphous Mass known as America's Middle Class? Where are the crucial "points" at which we may effectively intercede (at both local and "mass" levels) to neutralize the effects of the increasingly pervasive New Victorianism (social fear of "the Other," sex-negativity and authoritarian ideology) upon 'ol Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public? Can a new student Free Speech Movement and youth counter-culture include conscious outreach to a truly WIDE spectrum of Americans in election year 1996 (when the political future is once again thrown "up for grabs")? Are we indeed ready for "The Soft Strategy?" Come with ideas and suggestions for what promises to be an exciting discussion session!

Besides think-tanks strategizing around the above issues (and more) we look to have practical, hands-on workshops on media, doing local and campus newsletters, producing radio and public access TV programs, Internet Made Easy, the nuts 'n bolts of state and national anti-censorship legislation campaigns, coalition-building, fund-raising, and more.

We will be firming-up co-sponsors, endorsers, speakers, workshop leaders and panel participants for this conference over this Spring and Summer. Parties interested in participating in this event or corresponding on the above issues should get in touch c/o P.O. Box 436, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 (attn. Randy or Wink) ...

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