Industrial terrorists BILE put on a live show that leaves an impression--just ask the Minneapolis police, The New York based band reported that their February 24th concert at Minneapolis' Mirage night club was canceled by the club when police threatened to raid the premises and arrest band members if they took the stage.

The police threats stem from a controversy that began in December 1994, when one parent of a minor attending the band's all-ages show at First Avenue, lodged a complaint against the band when she heard the child describe video footage used during the show. She claims her child saw graphic images of homosexual sex, in which one partner disembowels another. The city's Gay and Lesbian Community Action Council (GLCAC), jumped on the accusations alerting various community groups and city officials that the band indiscriminately showed film clips of violent sex.

Though the band does admit that the footage used during live sets is of a sexual nature and may not necessarily conform to socially accepted forms of sex, they maintain that the particular scenes in question simply do not exist.

According to BILE keyboardist, R.H. Bear, the purpose of the video is merely to open people's minds to many varieties of sex, "By showing the tape in a nightclub setting, we feel we are targeting a more mature audience. If parents permit their pre-teen and teenage children to attend late night, all ages shows in clubs that cater to the taste of adults, they should understand that the entertainment will not be G-rated. But more than anything else, the GLCAC's assertion that BILE, through our videos, 'stereotypes gay men and their sexuality as perverse, torturous and dangerous' is especially disturbing as I am an openly gay man myself--speaking graphically about my lifestyle to the media.

Rock Out Censorship would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of BILE, Scott Pastorell, and everyone at Energy Records for making copies of ROC's flyers available to fans on the entire tour of BILE, VIRUS 23, and HALO BLACK.


The City Council in the North Central Massachusetts city of Leominster considered an ordinance that would have restricted the display and sales of all tapes and CD's which bear the infamous "Tipper-sticker." The proposed ordinance would require that all persons who purchase such albums must provide proof that they are over 18 years of age. It would have also required that all "stickered" albums be kept behind the counter and not on open display, and made available by request only.

This action was sparked when the 12 year old daughter of Charles and Julie Bauman purchased an album by BUTT TRUMPET at a local Strawberries Records and Tapes. After confiscating the tape it was returned by Mrs. Bauman, who received a full refund and a written note of regret from the store manager. But this was not enough for the Bauman's. They began a petition drive and presented the petitions to City Council. The Leominster Legal Affairs Committee reviewed the petitions and drafted the ordinance. When the town-fathers discovered they may be forced to dole out thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend this ordinance, they quickly voted it down 8-1.


Two University of Memphis students had their INTERNET access yanked without warning and are now facing expulsion from the school because of the posting of "common street language", that the school (or the Dean) believes is "obscene." The Dean of Judicial Affairs is determined to make a name for herself by making an example of these students. They have not been told which messages were "obscene" yet have a "trial" with the Dean to determine their punishment! Please help keep speech free on the INTERNET by e-mailing the Dean of Judicial Affairs at ( and tell her that every statement has a place on the INTERNET, and that she should look at it as an opportunity for learning and enrichment. You may also call her at (901) 678-2298. FREE SPEECH IS AT STAKE! The ACLU is involved and this case will soon go national and have great effect on what happens to the future of the INTERNET.

You can also e-mail the University of Memphis newspaper at, and let them know how you feel. Don't feel that you have to write a long letter! Just a quick 'THIS IS BULLSHIT!" will do the trick. You should also pass this information along to anywhere that you can. HELP US SAVE THE INTERNET!


Shortly after SLAPSHOT began to play at a January 13 all-ages show for 500 kids at Plymouth (MA) High School, the police, angered by lead singer John Kelly's disparaging remarks about the hall's no dance rule, ended the show and arrested eight teenagers. "The kids kept their cool, but unfortunately the police didn't," said John Biaha, whose son was arrested. "Their conduct really compromised the safety of the kids."


In a report received by ROC from Ron Peterson at Rotten Records, we have learned that ACID BATH's video has been banned from MUCH MUSIC in Toronto Canada, and from VIDEOs FROM THE EDGE at Central Michigan University. MUCH MUSIC'S only response was that ACID BATH'S lyrics were "too violent." As for VIDEOs FROM THE EDGE, their complaint was over the John Wayne Gacy artwork on the album cover. Peterson pointed out that "Gacy is portrayed in no way in the video." In regards to ACID BATH's lyrics, Peterson termed them as, "pretty PG-rated."

Anyone wanting to voice an opinion about any of this can call MUCH MUSIC at 416-591-5757, or Sean Watson at VIDEOS FROM THE EDGE by calling 517-774-7687. Tell him just how far from the "Edge" they really are with this type of blatant censorship.

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