Rock Out Censorship is happy to announce our endorsement and support of the JOINT ARTISTS' and MUSIC PROMOTIONS POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (JAMPAC).

The formation of JAMPAC was announced in Seattle on February 7 by its founders, former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, and Washington Music Industry Coalition Executive Director, Richard White.

JAMPAC was formed to take a stand on legislative and community issues, and is devoted to representing the interest of artists, promoters, music fans not only in the State of Washington, but in other parts of the country as well. As this issue of THE ROC went to press, meetings were being held with prospective JAMPAC organizers and representatives in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and elsewhere. We plan to have more on this in the next issue.

JAMPAC plans to use its resources to support appropriate local and state ballot issues, endorse selected candidates through direct campaign contributions, and when necessary, provide the financial backing to extensive lobbying campaigns. In addition, JAMPAC is set to encourage public involvement on important legislative issues with a series of direct mail and information campaigns to the general public. Such campaigns will be aimed at counter-acting the latest wave of anti-music, anti-free speech legislation being proposed in a number of states.

"Conventional politics are influenced by campaign contributions and relationships with representatives," says Krist Novoselic. "We're going to start playing American politics the way they're played. The music community represents a broad constituency, the idea JAMPAC is to give that constituency a bigger voice in political affairs." noted Novoselic.

Here at R.O.C., we are very excited about the formation of JAMPAC. "This has the potential of becoming a very strong and vocal political arm of musicians and their fan base," said R.O.C. co-founder John Woods. He went on to add, "the formation of JAMPAC is something that the mainstream industry would never have the guts to attempt. It has to be done by musicians and fans. JAMPAC's formation is something that has been long overdue."

Organizations that have pledged their support to JAMPAC include Capitol Records, Mongui Presents, Gold Mountain Entertainment, Belltown Music Group, A&M Records, Recording Industry Association of America, Susan Silver Management, and now, Rock Out Censorship. In addition, recording artists Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Sky Cries Mary also have agreed to participate in the same spirit.

We urge other bands, record labels, management firms, and most of all, music fans, to check it out and get involved. For more information regarding JAMPAC and its supporters, please contact Virginia Piper, WMIC Media Relations, at 206-622-7177.


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