Column by Randy Lee Payton

When we kicked off something called the Free Expression League in the first issue of SPUNK (published as a supplement to THE ROC #15 last February) Our goal was to establish a beach-head in the Muddy Midwest in the fight against the Theocratic Right's whole vanilla/hetero/monogomy-or-else abstinence, anti-choice, ad nauseum agenda with regards to sexuality of young people and everyone else in America. F.E.E.L and SPUNK would be about promoting the healthy, pleasurable alternative of acceptance for the vast SPECTRUM of sexual lifestyles and preferences which exist. Psychologically, we believe OUR approach can be shown BY FAR to be the healthiest and can even be said to help stave off diseases like cancer and aging, whereas the reactionaries and their backward prescriptions calling for even more sexual repression can only CONTRIBUTE to such conditions...Politically, we perceived a Free Expression League and SPUNK as reaching out to "constituencies" which the (often wrongly perceived) "youth culture-oriented" ROC might not reach: swingers and other free sexual thinkers (and doers), sexual minorities from the gay, lesbian, bi and transgender communities to S/M practactioneers of diverse orientations, and of course our ever-beseiged contemporaries from the field of 'pornography," for dialogue (and hopefully working together) among politically libertarian tendencies to advance our common goal of freedom to live (and love) as we will...

So while the Free Expression League has yet to establish a free love arts colony on the banks of the Ohio River or even, for that matter, getting out the second issue of SPUNK (it's, er, coming, folks; we've been busy fighting "friendly fascist" liberals in Pennsylvania, so sue us!) we ARE happy to report that our call back in SPUNK #1 for better working relationships between active libertarian elements has since become much more of a reality, what with HIGH TIMES Magazine co-sponsoring a R.O.C. benefit in NYC last June, Wink's 'Legalize It!' Special Report centerfold in ROC #16, a joint benefit for R.O.C. and NORML this August 20th in Cleveland, etc.

So the rock/hip hop and pot culture connection is there, or rather always WAS there but today is getting more formalized. But what about the rock/hip hop, hemp and SEX connection, hmmm? Or what in the '60s John Sinclair and the White Panther Party once called the "three essential human activities of the greatest importance to all persons, and (through which) people are well and healthy in proportion to their involvement in these activities: rock and roll, dope and fucking in the streets!"

Since the "rock & sex" connection is ALREADY pretty evident (most songs are "about" sex in one way or another) I'll close this column with a look at the relationship between sexuality and pot, courtesy one the best authors ever to write on the subject, that great prophet of the emerging cyber-society, novelist and futurist Robert Anton Wilson.

In his book PROMETHEUS RISING (New Falcon) Dr. Wilson points out that "as early as 1968, a poll by McGlothlin showed that 85% of the pot-smokers in the country said their chief interest in weed was its function as enhancers of erotic sensation." As for what the Marijuana Revolution portends for the future of sex, Dr. Wilson writes (in RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SITTING NOW, New Falcon Pub.) that "only those who already know such arcana as 'A blow-job is ten times better with pot'...will be able to imagine the sensual rebirth in store when, the taboos crumbling, science IS able to frankly explore and teach the magnification and intensification of sexual experience. The prophet Blake will be vindicated: the whole of creation will appear infinite and holy."

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