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Music, you will find, especially in it's more intense forms, is always in a constant, rapid evolution. Those who can't hang or pick up the slack are condemned to fates of redundance and nostalgia (witness the deaths of glam and generic thrash and others). MY DYING BRIDE, six lads from Bradford, England will take the listener to another (nether) worlds. Undescribable, unclassifiable etc, etc, Isn't that the way is should be? Recently I had the chance to chat with bassist ADE, via phone from England about various topics including censorship, their direction, and the value of ice cream trucks and house music (Hahh!!). Here's what he had to say.

ROC: How do you come up with your ideas for songs?

ADE: It's pretty a much a band effort. We all listen to different sorts of music and books and whatnot. We all have different ideas. We know what we want for My Dying Bride, but there's no conscious effort, like, "We need a fast part here or a slow part there." Whatever comes out and put it together as we see fit.

ROC: What do you think when you hear the word censorship?

ADE: Probably places like South Africa. Places full of racism and prejudice or large record companies stopping bands from what they want to do.

ROC: What about the PMRC, Tipper Gore and people like that?

ADE: I think they're a bunch of busy bodies who should mind their own business. They should have their own opinion, but not try to ruin other people's lives. It's ok to protect kids or whatnot, but in the end they (kids) have their own opinions and they shouldn't try to stop that. You can't keep them wrapped up in cotton balls all their lives. One day they have to go out into the real world. It's not a bed of roses out there, so they should mind their own business.

ROC: Have you ever had problems with Parliament?

ADE: No, not in England, but in America we had to have a "Parental Advisory" sticker on .. "Symphonair" because Aaron mentions 'whore' and 'masturbation' on the lyrics (laughs). There's some daft people around, just because he mentions the words 'whore' and 'masturbation.' (laughs again) Useless! And when we first released the first L.P. in Malaya ("As the Flower Withers") we had to have a different cover because there's like half a woman on there and you see part of her breast.

ROC: Oh that's terrible!!!

ADE: (laughs) So we had to have a different cover. I think it just had the flower on it.

ROC: I heard from Paula at Futurist. She said you're trying to work out a tour?

ADE: Yeah! We have the Milwaukee Death Fest lined up, and apparently there's a U. S. tour in the works, but I don't know any dates. So I'm sorry, I can't give you any more information. We've been looking to tour America for awhile and see some friends and obviously it's one of the biggest countries in the world.

ROC: Have any ideas how you'd be perceived by the "Beavis & Butthead" metalhead types out there?

ADE: (laughs) We're not too sure how we'll go down in America (laughs). We'll see how we're marketed.

ROC: I think you'll do ok. What are some of your influences.

ADE: Just about everything really, death, industrial, weird bands like Dead Can Dance, Aphex Twin, classical, dance, house. One of my favorites is Voivod and ZZ Top!!

ROC: So the guys in My Dying Bride aren't above raving?

ADE: (laughs) Oh yeah, we can do it all night! (laughs) Out there with our day-glo t-shirts, all over the shop!! (laughs). It definitely helps to listen to other kinds of music, other than death or whatever. Otherwise you sound like everybody else.

ROC: My Dying Bride's not one dimensional, for sure.

ADE: Who needs categories it's only music.

ROC: Do you listen to any rap music?

ADE: Occasionally, but Calvin, our guitarist, is really into it, that and house music.

ROC: Well you know Chicago's the house capital of the world. You hear the kids drive by with their stereos pumpin.'

ADE: (laughs) All the bass shakin' bits out.

ROC: Oh yeah!!! It's like "thoom-thoom-thoom." That and the fuckin' ice cream truck.

ADE: Oh yeah!!! (laughs)

ROC: I think you caught that ice cream truck going by.

ADE: (still laughing) I think so, yeah.

ROC: So this E.P. "I am the Bloody Earth" What's it going to be like?

ADE: That's um, it was recorded at the same time as "Swans." It also has a remix of "The Crown of Sympathy" on it, and there's a sort of industrial, rave type thing called "Transcending into the Exquisite." A guy sampled a lot of our songs and made a song out of that. It's nothing like anything we've ever done before. It kinda stomps all the way through for five or six minutes.

ROC: So that's My Dying Bride's stab to get into the techno clubs?

ADE: Oh yeah!!! (laughing) It's to get into these rave parties that we go to for free! (laughs)

ROC: How did you feel about Kurt Cobain killing himself?

ADE: I'm not sure why he did it. He just got out of his coma, then he goes and tops himself. I mean, he had his whole future ahead of him. Unless he really had personal problems that no one knew about. I mean, it was stupid, there's no sense in topping yourself because you're pissed off. You can always sort things out. I've had a couple of friends of mine who, like, cut their wrists open. I had no sympathy for them. "Well, you're fucking stupid." (laughs) We were playing at the Marquee earlier this year and one of our friends came down with her wrists all bandaged up. I thought, "What 'ave you done then?!!" She said, "A bit of an accident." We were like, "You're a sort of stupid gitt!!" (laughs) We were, like, "'ow ya' feelin' ya' stupid gitt!!" (laughs again) "You're only twenty, so why ya' tryin' to kill yourself for?!!"

ROC: Is there anything else you would like to say or talk about?

ADE: No, we pretty much covered everything, really. If you could, put in your magazine, thanks to everybody who's written or supported the band. That would be great, because without the fans, we'd just be hammering out tunes in a box someplace.

ROC: Wish ya' the best of luck, hope to see ya' on tour.

ADE: Yeah, hope to see you in Milwaukee or Chicago or something.

ROC: That would be great.

ADE: Thanks for the interview then.

ROC: Thank you!

ADE: Cheers then, bye.

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