Interview by: Kirby Stokes

BIOHAZARD, the very name conjures up visions of all types of horrible poisons and waste, i.e. syringes on a Jersey beach. BIOHAZARD, the band, Evan (vox/bass), Bobby (gtrs), Billy (gtrs) and Danny (drums) try to provide some cures, cleanin it up, if you will, of some other hazardous materials like racial, economic and social injustice. There's one catch to the band however, instead of just negativity, they possess the power of positive action. Just listen to any of their three albums and find out for yourself. Anyway, here's Bobby to tell ya' all about it. To paraphrase the Old Milwaukee commercial,, "It don't get any more real than this!!!"

ROC: What do you think when you hear the word censorship?

BOBBY: Police state, oppression. Especially in America where they spoon-feed you this democracy bullshit, and they tell you about freedom of speech. But like Ice-T said a long time ago, "Freedom of speech, just watch what you say." You know that's really fucked up. People should really watch out for their children because they're good parents and they really love their children. This is a dangerous fuckin' world and you have to guide your children, to protect them and guide them the best way you can. You can't just go pointing your fuckin' finger at everything in the world, blaming everybody for everything. If your kid is depressed or in trouble, you can't blame the music he's listening to man, it's your fault (parents) to a certain degree. There's a lot of good parents whose kids just get outta control, I understand, I was an outta control kid myself. I believe in my lyrics of having a social responsibility. I think my lyrics are positive, all Biohazard lyrics are very positive. We might use four-letter words and metaphors, but that's just where we're from and how we talk. When I was twelve and in school, I asked the teachers, "What's for fuckin' homework?" That's how I used to say it, that's the way I talk, I can't help it, no disrespect.

ROC: Welcome to Brooklyn.

BOBBY: Yeah man! You know sometimes you need to say shit to get your point across. We just don't curse for the fuck of it man. Some songs don't have cursing in them. Subject matter is very important to me. As an artist I see a lot of social responsibility to the kids that we pretty much live up to everyday and to ourselves. Y'know to write lyrics about what really matters to us, and things that offer only positive solutions. Even though we write about negative things we try to employ a positive outlook, and offer different thoughts and choices. We have a song about child abuse, and we offer the word "forgiveness." It's about dysfunctional families, it's called "Love Denied." We're just tellin' everybody man, "you're not alone." The only reason we wrote that song is so we could deal with our problems. We (Biohazard) all grew up in pretty fuckin' dysfunctional families ourselves. I for one definitely did, and I'm pretty fuckin' proud of it 'cause it made me who I am. Yo man, people have to wake the fuck up! The Brady Bunch is not real! There are no families like that! I've never ever heard of a functional family. Families have problems, families have problems, yeah, the whole human race is just one dysfunctional being. If you wanna get busy, let's start talkin' about religion and everything with you man. But yeah, I think these people should just do a little traveling and learn about the world before they start pointing their fuckin' fingers at other people, blaming them for all the world's fuckin' problems. Ozzy Osbourne didn't tell people to fuckin' kill themselves in "Suicide Solution." He was tellin' them it's a solution to kill yourself if you wanna go off and drink yourself to death. He's a fuckin' alcoholic, on and off the wagon, he's tellin' the fuckin' truth and he loves the kids. He wouldn't want to hurt 'em! Why would he want to fuckin' hurt the kids man?!! He loves 'em!! People try to blame him for that man, the PMRC and all that shit. I just laugh. I have an Advisory sticker on my record and it really fucks up the artwork man! It looks like shit, fucked up! You know what? Let that be a ticket, learn. That might mean real shit is on this record, you know what I'm saying, that's what that sticker means! This might open your mind, not like the fuckin' Brady Bunch, which totally closes your mind! It's what Tipper Gore and all those fuckin' other people think life is all about. But I bet ya she's got some closet problems, a lot of skeletons in her closet. She's got bones flyin' outta her mouth! You can't impose...You can believe in anything you want to in this world, that's what I believe. But you can't superimpose your beliefs on other people, and you can't condemn other people for living differently. The only thing you can do is try to learn from them. See, that's the ignorance that racism comes from. I love my ignorance man, I love being ignorant. I don't want to be told what I can or cannot hear musically, because I learn from music and I learn from people. I've been in 22 countries, I'm 26 years old and the last grade I was in was the 8th grade. I have no "proper" education. My education comes from the street and meeting people. I'm a musician, and if I was to tell people that my kinda music was the only one that was cool I'd be a hypocrite! I'm a humanist, I'm into human beings man. I learn from other people, I don't let my ignorance feed the fears from the unknown and lead me to cause judgement on something I don't understand. I'm ignorant to Chicago because I don't live here. That doesn't mean I'm gonna diss it. I'm gonna want to hang out and learn. That's what it's all about. Those people (the PMRC etc.) can find something in the music. I don't think they even listen to the music. Listen, sure there's some senseless music out there and alot of bands that sing about bullshit, but I can't do that. I've been raised to speak my mind and talk about the things I feel. You know we're four very emotional and creative people. We've been through alot of shit. We see all the kids goin' down, we see all of our friends dyin.' All this fuckin' shit, all our friends fucked up. I just found out that one of my boys that I grew up with is on fuckin' deathrow now man. He's only 25! He never has any positive role models. We try to offer some positive ideas, but I'm not trying to be a role model. When you sing about social issues we're not just gonna exploit the negative issues, we try to get the positive in there. Then they wanna put a sticker on my record?!! Fuck that!!! That's bullshit!!

ROC: What happened in Toledo, Ohio the other night with the Klan?

BOBBY: Yeah, I dissed 'em hard! ! Did you hear that? I try to use my voice instead of my hands. I try to stay away from senseless violence.

ROC: I heard something about about Evan slapping this dude for actuality calling him a "nigger lover."

BOBBY: Well, I feel bad for that guy man. If he's living in the 90's calling people a "nigger lover", then he's a fuckin' asshole. See, Biohazard welcomes all colors, saints and sinners. I don't run up to racist and try to beat on 'em. I say "hey man, why don't you check out my point of view because if you grew up where I grew up, maybe you'd be like me instead, and if I grew up where you grew up I'd maybe be like you. But you know, we don't have to stay the way we are. We can rise above it and learn to grow, and get spiritual and learn about life." How can you fuckin' understand the universe and the principles of life when the average life span is 80 years. How old is this planet? Society's gonna keep going on, long after we're dead. You have to get as much out of life while you can right now. If you're gonna sit around and be a racist, look man, then you're gonna have to deal with the problem of yourself. Remember, every time you point your finger at somebody, you got three pointin' back at you. So check your fuckin' head and go look in the mirror. Me, I'm white, and I'm green, and I'm blue, and I'm fuckin' pink and purple, and I'm red (showing tattoos) and some black too. I love getting tattooed for that reason. Music to me is a very powerful tool. This fuckin' microphone that I'm into and this interview and you my friend are very powerful tools for me to do something positive and to get my message across. I don't have time to sit around and let this shit soak up into my head, try to get my ego filled. This is reality! Life sucks outside these doors. People come here to have a good time and let off steam with music. Then they leave and go back into real world, and bands offer a message. A lot of bands offer a good fuckin message. A band like Biohazard definitely does! Then they tried to stop all the bands in the '60's, can you picture people protesting Bob Dylan?!!! Bob Marley?!!! Y'know what fuckin' Bob Marley did for human beings, man?!! They tried to stop him because he smoked fuckin herb!!! Gimme a fuckin' break!!! If you don't want to smoke it, don't fuckin' smoke it!!!

ROC: But look how many people he brought together...

Bobby: Exactly!!!

ROC: That's what they're more afraid of.

Bobby: Exactly, 'cause they're more strong. We can all be as one. I wanna put a fuckin' censorship sticker on the news!! On the fuckin' newspapers because their bullshit is irresponsible, fuckin' illegitimate and fuckin' corrupt. They take pictures of the ghetto's in Brooklyn, black people, crack dealers, people with problems, gangs and that's a manifestation of where you're at! When you live there you gotta be in a gang to survive!! You gotta' deal with what's goin' on in the street. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin! They take pictures of it, send it through the TV into white middle class America and tell the suburbanites "If you let black people into your mall or into your neighborhood, this will happen. And you don't want to lose your pick-up truck and your 2.2 kids, and your fuckin' white picket fences. So, you better hate everybody." Then they go runnin' around hating everybody. We initiated it, this whole fuckin' society is automated. The government wants it that way. There's a reason why crack cocaine lands in fuckin' Brooklyn or East L.A. and it doesn't go to fuckin' Indiana, in the mall, y'know. Let me go to Indiana and deal crack and let's see how pretty the fuckin' place stays!! Let me sell guns and open a liquor store on every corner like they do where I live!! There's no self-esteem, they set it up that way, it's automated. Cocaine can not be manufactured in the U.S. It's brought in by the fuckin' C.I.A. man. They bring it in, don't let 'em fool ya, man. They want it like that, it's a tool! Send the crack to the U.S. from South America, send it in 10 boat loads, we'll bust 3 so we look like good guys, let the others pass. Send it right to the mob organized scumbags in all the heavy cities like New York, L.A. and Chicago and get it out on the street where minorities are. Then take pictures of it and show the rest of the country what these people are about. Then we can keep 'em separated. Then we can have separate classes, those who have, those who have not, and those who will never have anything. That's how they wanna keep it because ya keep 'em segregated, ya keep 'em happy. America is like a big dog, pet 'em on the head when he gets mad, throw 'em a bone, but ya still got 'em on a leash. They got us on a leash! These muthafucka's are gonna try stoppin' people from talkin' about this shit and censoring me!!?! For what I said, and sayin' the word "fuck"??!! They wanna censor that 'cause I'm lettin' the cat outta the bag. They really don't wanna face themselves, man and say, "Hey, wait a minute man, my race really isn't all that. I'm white but I'm not superior. Maybe there's other things for me to learn about other races? Maybe I can benefit from fuckin' givin' somebody a hug instead of spittin' on 'em?!!"

ROC: Yeah!!!

Bobby: I believe that we will always win. Anti-racism will always beat racist. The KKK? Fuck them because they are governed by hate and we're governed by love. Love is stronger than hate, always has been, always will be 'til the end of time. Isn't that what God teaches them in their churches, to love one another? I was brought up Roman Catholic and they told me I was bad, that I was a piece of shit and I had to be punished, and I had to give them money, and they were gonna throw me out of school.

ROC: Give them money for being bad? (laughs)

Bobby: Yeah! Every time I paid the tuition they told me to repent! I was bad, fuck you I'm good!!! Eastern philosophy tells me to listen to my spirit and follow my heart, and that's what kept me alive. How can these "religious" people get involved in censorship? If you look it's the most unreligious thing to do. They're repressing spirituality, goodness and love.

ROC: I always thought it was up to "God" to decide.

Bobby: Yeah!! Who the fuck are you?!! If you're religious who the fuck are you to be drivin' around in a BMW with your Sunday suit? If you're religious, give that fuckin' BMW up!! Give it to the fuckin' crackhead kids, man!! Give it up to the kids who need it!!! No, but you're gonna buy into the media's bullshit. That's who you better fuckin' censor!! Censor the media! We should watch 'em like a and have a committee approve what they put an the news. Have a joint committee approve this shit. The sponsors approve this shit, it's like some rich fat dude is sittin' behind this fuckin' desk, right? Smokin' a big fuckin' cigar, drinkin' Dom Perignon, screwin' his secretary behind his wife's back, who's probably drunk in the Bahamas hangin' out with some dude named "Manuel." And he's sittin' there goin'. "Hey! Racism sold a lot of newspapers for me this month, y'know, tell the staff to put racism on the front page for the next month. I'll be in the fuckin' Caribbean or Hawaii. Call me when my check comes in. I don't care what kind of effect it has on society, I have no sorts of responsibility and I don't give a fuck." People say we hate each other but they offer no solutions. I've never once seen a newscaster say, "Yo man, there was a racial incident last night, this has got to stop!!! Please people, wake up! We gotta stop hurting each other!" I've never heard 'em say that. Racism, tonight at eleven, tomorrow racism, day after that, racism, racism, racism. Good night, and now a word from our sponsor. No fuckin' solution, no offer of anything positive. They don't use that powerful tool that they have. They put on that straight fuckin' face and just deliver the shit. I've seen one of 'em get down with any personality or passion. Where do they get these people!?! They look like them come out of some camp or something. I've never met anybody like that!!! Wearin' those suits, speakin' the most "proper" English I've ever fuckin' heard, tellin' people how it is. "Hey Bill and now's the weather." It's ridiculous! It depresses me. I've never seen one of 'em drop their papers, take off their tie and say, "Look, I'm a fuckin human being. This is very powerful, there's tens of millions watching right now. Please do what you can to wake up and don't buy into this racism shit." Maybe we can all smile and maybe the crime will stop, but they don't offer any positive solution. The only people who can offer positive solutions are bands, because they decide what they say. But if a band wants to sing about bullshit and get up in front of 300 million people and tell 'em, "Yeah!! Buy my fuckin' records, buy my fuckin' t-shirts, pay money to see me, and I'm gonna sing about somethin' that has totally nothin' to do with your life, and I don't care if you're on crack or if you're gonna kill yourself, just gimme my money and fuck you! And, let me sign an autograph, if I feel like it." Fuck that! Fans look up to bands. If one of these "rock stars" said, "Come together, let's do this! You don' t have to turn to crack to solve your problems. I'm a human being and I have problems too, I'm not a "superstar." But they won't do that. Fuck them! I don't have respect for them. What I do respect is bands that are sayin' something with their music. I consider Biohazard more of a folk band than anything. They call us hardcore, they call us rap, they call us all this bullshit-heavy metal. Y'know, fuck that, don't categorize me. I think we're just singin' about the times man, we're really just depressed people and there's, a lot of shit that bothers us. To see alot of kids hurtin' man, and they have to know that we hurt too. We're not superstars, we're not bigger than they are, we're not "rock stars." And all these PMRC types, these censorship people are just defeating the purpose. They're just chasin' their tail, they're not doing any good. Evan's havin' a baby, my bass players havin' a baby. We're gonna make sure that kid is gonna know everything about the world. We're gonna know everything that's goin' on in that kid's life.

ROC: He or she's gonna have some hellacious Godparents I would say.

Bobby: That's right!!! I'm gonna be a fuckin' uncle man. Yo man, I'm gonna take care of that kid, I'm not gonna keep 'em blind to the world and tell 'em what he or she can or can't listen to. We will try to raise that kid in the right way. We will try to guide the kid to use its brain, to not fall for the bullshit, and not to believe everything he or she reads, y'know, in this world, and to travel. Get something outta life and be a human being. That's what we want for all people, and all we see is this KKK shit and censoring music. There's alot of crazy bands singing about crazy shit, but it's just entertainment. If you don't like something, or it doesn't entertain you, change the fuckin' channel or don't buy the fuckin' record.

ROC: That's how easy it is!

Bobby: It is, but they get pissed off because it's different than them, so the little bigoted racist bug steps out. They gotta go and bust out the finger pointin' and start their cryin' bitch cause fuckin' Ice-T startin' a song called "Cop Killer."

ROC: It was just the fuckin' truth.

Bobby: It was the fuckin' truth man! He was just sayin' it in his way. Metaphors, remember what I said about them? Right, like that had to be said, it had to be fuckin' said. Fuck them! Like what I said on stage tonight. If JAM (local promotion and security company) doesn't want to use us anymore, we won't fuckin' play any more 'cause they threw us out of the Vic Theater the last time we played here.

ROC: Fuck them! They're nothing but thugs anyway.

Bobby: What happened was, we were opening for Fishbone and security was beating the fuck outta the kids. We stopped playin' and said, "hey, fuck you!" We have a social responsibility to the kids. We could have kept playing, let the kid get beaten, and walked away with our money. But fuck that! We stopped playin' and said, "Hey muthafucka!!! You ain't beatin' on that kid!!! You wanna fight? Fight me mutha-fucka!!! Fight me! You don't beat some 17 year old kid who's just tryin' to have a good time, fuck you!!!" I told the crowd, "Y'know what? This is your fuckin' show!! Do what you wanna do. It's not my show, and it's not their show. It's YOUR show!!!" The kids went fuckin' nuts! We started playin' and they started jumpin' on stage havin' a goodtime. They weren't wreckin' anything. They weren't causin' a riot, but JAM shut us down and threw us out with all the police on us, fuckin' treatin' us like pieces of shit. I was gonna get arrested if I went inside, and all of my shit was back in the dressing room. I didn't go back in and get it!!! The Chicago P.D. was right there ready to bust my fuckin' head!! I was standin' next to the door where Tiny (a member of the Bio-posse) is goin' "Don't do it man! Don't do it!" I'm like, "Fuck this, I ain't goin' to jail for this! I didn't do nothin' wrong!!' I could've kept my mouth shut, fuckin' kissed ass or whatever, but I said, "Fuck you Chicago P.D.!" I wanna fuckin' apology. Fuck JAM, suck my fuckin'dick!!!" I also said, "there's good cops and there's bad cops." I wasn't tellin' the crowd to get down on the cops. I just said I wanted an apology. They treated us like criminals. I've worked damn hard not to be a criminal. I could go back home and be a fuckin' criminal. That's why I'm in a band. I don't wanna be a criminal but they treat ya like one, just because you're in a band. Happens all the time! Now JAM's gonna be like (imitates in a goonish voice). "What'd he say?" "What'd he say?" "Did he say that about us?" Yeah!! I did say that about you! I'd rather die poor with my chin up, totally proud of myself when I look in the mirror, then totally rich with a dick up my ass!

ROC: (laughs) Exactly, exactly!

Bobby: You know what I'm sayin'? I'm not dissen homosexuality, that's just a metaphor.

ROC: I'm sure that people won't take that the wrong way.

Bobby: See that!!! He's a sexist! He's a bigot! Man, I don't discriminate against anybody. Do what you want! Life's too fuckin' short to worry about other people.

ROC: You said earlier that you were a humanist, so...

Bobby: Exactly man, but when I do speak (laughing) I do say things that may sound fucked up, y'know. Like terms like "dick up your ass", or "dick up my ass." It's just a sayin' where we live when someone screws you over. Or "scumbag, you scumbag!" There's another term. (laughs) In other words, I'd rather be broke and proud of myself than rich and ashamed of myself. There's nothin' that Biohazard's ever gonna do that we're gonna look back on and say, "Look man, we fucked up. We were dicks back there, or we sold out." We're always gonna look back and be fuckin' proud of everything we did, and said. If anybody's gotta beef, they can just come and talk to me. I always have time for the kids. The best feeling in the world about music is you get your message across, right? You wonder man, are they really gettin' it? Are these kids really listening? Then you gotta kid comin up after the show going, "Yo man, I was a racist man, I was a racist fuckin' racist skinhead. I was a fuckin' racist my whole life, I'm from a racist family, and you guys introduced me to some new thoughts." And he thanks me and shows me his Biohazard tattoo. And I'm like, "Holy Shit!!!" "I'm never gonna let you down muthafucka. We're always gonna keep doin' this, I don't care if they try to censor us or try to stop us."

ROC: It makes it all worth it?

Bobby: Yeah, exactly! We don't have any money anyway. We never had any money. We ain't gonna miss it, cause we've never had it anyway! (laughs)

ROC: It looks okay being on Warner Brothers now?

Bobby: Yeah, well they tell us that we might make some money in the future. If we do I can personally assure you that I will do the best things possible with my money. I won't be a selfish asshole, I'm not a selfish person. We're not into it for the money. Never were! Now we've got fuckin' Warner Brothers behind us, who believe in our message, who believe in what we're sayin' and that's the only reason we got 'em behind us. I don't care if we fuckin' crash 'n burn tomorrow. I'll be proud, I'll be a happy man. I'm proud of everything I just did. Well man, gotta go. I love ya. what you guys do! Keep at it! Let me know if you need anything.

ROC: Thanks a lot Bobby. Wow!!! A fantastic interview!!!

Bobby: Hey, no problem.

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