At a concert in Toledo, Ohio, recently, Biohazard became the latest band to publicly trash the Ku Klux Klan and their racist ideas. There had been a KKK rally in Toledo the day before, and a large protest against it.

This was just the most recent in a series of Klan rallies and radical incidents in the Midwest. We at Anti-Racist Action (A.R.A.) want to thank Biohazard, Living Colour and all the other bands that have spoken out on this bullshit while in Ohio. The problem is serious. Here are a few examples.

In Olympia, Washington, the white 3rd grade boys sputtered "punk, faggot...stupid nigger" as they kicked their six-year old victim on the playground. Wielding a pair of scissors, one cut away the 5 inch braid of hair from the back of the black boy's head. As the bullies walked away, young Dominick White clutched the shorn symbol of his Jamaican heritage, and cried. His father, Jesse White, found Dominick in a fetal position, still holding his severed hair, unable to talk.

Dominick later identified his attackers. However, the school denied any racial tension, and no action was taken.

Dr. Martin Sullivan, plastic surgeon, 68, was working in his office one Friday afternoon last August. Dr. Sullivan was the head of plastic surgery at the Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children in Chicago and had a private practice. That afternoon, a young man arrived for his appointment, pulled a gun and shot Dr. Sullivan four times in the chest.

White supremacist Johnathan Haynes proudly admitted he killed Dr. Sullivan as well as a hair stylist in San Francisco and had planned to kill others who "contribute to the extinction of the supreme white race" by "feeding off Aryan beauty."

Haynes was not a member of any organized group, although he said they had inspired him.

Houston banker Paul Broussard, a gay man, had been celebrating the Fourth of July with friends. As he stepped outside the Montrose Texas bar, he was soon surrounded by teenagers shouting anti-gay slurs.

Then the hitting started. After a lengthy, vicious beating Mr. Broussard was stabbed repeatedly. He laid dead on the sidewalk as the crowd walked away. So far, 10 youths have been charged.

Thousands of victims. More every year, 36 reported hate killings in 1992. This is not a coincidence.

Hate groups are actively recruiting, in some cases growing, and violence has followed. Why is this happening now? Part of the answer lies in economics. Many Americans are justifiably frustrated and angry.

Corporations move their plants to the Third World looking for cheap labor, while the corporate executives pay themselves 157 times what the average worker earns. The richest 1% of Americans now own almost 40% of the total national wealth--more than the bottom 90% of our people. The gap between rich and poor is wider than at any time since the 1920's.

Many young people today face a bleak future, and they have no reason to believe that their government, Democrat or Republican, is really doing anything to help them.

The hatemongers feed on this frustration. "It's the Jews, Blacks took your job, homosexuals and feminists have destroyed traditional family values. The problem is race mixing. It's the immigrants, blah, blah, blah."

This scapegoating politics is a diversion. It keeps us separated and unable to fight the real battles for a better life. For this reason, "white supremacy" is really bad for everyone including white folks.

Anti-Racist Action (ARA) was formed to turn back this tide of racism and violence. We are NOT just a debating club. ARA protest the presence of the fascist every time they take to the streets. We also publish an informative newsletter and provide educational programs to schools, churches, and community groups. We have chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Censorship and racism go hand in hand. The most attacked musicians and fans tend to be in metal and rap music. Racism has been used to keep us separated. We in ARA are committed to putting an end to it.

ARA is growing quickly. Write to us and we'll keep you informed. A conference of activists from all the midwest is scheduled for October 15-16 in Columbus, Ohio. Join us! No dues! No commitment. Just a chance to help change the world.

Justice, then Peace.

P.O. BOX 02097

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