Rock Out Censorship is happy to announce that THE ROC has been picked-up by yet another major magazine distributor. Beginning with this issue, THE ROC will be distributed nationally by the Austin, Texas-based FINE PRINT DISTRIBUTORS. This is in addition to our distribution with IPD and DESERT MOON PERIODICALS. So, if you don't have a subscription to THE ROC (and we can't understand why you wouldn't) you can now find it on the magazine racks at book and music stores all across the country.

As the old song says, "summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the street." Well, we don't know about dancing in the street, but we do know that music fans have sure been dancing around our ROC BOOTHS at shows all across the country. Over the past few weeks we've had our booth at shows with PANTERA-SEPULTURA and BIOHAZARD in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. At the snow in Cleveland, PANTERA'S Phil Anselmo warned the crowd about the evils of censorship, and urged them to stop by the ROC Booth and get involved.

In addition to setting up with PANTERA, between our chapters in Florida, Texas, Ohio, New Jersey and Michigan our ROC Booth has been at shows with: STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, 7 SECONDS, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, TED NUGENT, RONNIE JAMES DIO, GENITORTURERS, GWAR, THE RAMONES, ANTHRAX, TOOL, and CANNIBAL CORPSE. ROC was recently represented at the FLORIDA SLAMMIE AWARDS by Lydia Ojeda, our new rep in the South Florida and Miami area. Together with ROC's Kenny Moore, ROC will now have our booths at even more shows.

On June 18th ROC was at "SUMMER BASH '94" at the Erie County Fair in Sandusky, Ohio. The day long event featured eight local and regional bands. On the lineup was: MYSTIK, GALLOWS EVE, HOSTILE AMISH, WRECKLESS OPP, THEATER OF MADNESS, SCALLAWAG, VINCE VATICAN and SYCHO BLUE. We want to say thanks to Roger Ganley at Oberlin College's WOUB radio for inviting us to the "bash." As a result of having the ROC Booth at this show contact was made with Cleveland-based band SYCHO BLUE, who have since distributed ROC materials at their shows, and are currently organizing a ROC/NORML benefit show to be held on August 20th at the Phantasy in Cleveland.

Beginning in July, ROC will have its booth on at least a dozen stops on the '94 H.O.R.D.E. Tour. Kicking off in Cleveland on July 14th the HORIZONS OF ROCK DEVELOPING EVERYWHERE tour will run until early September.

July also saw ROC out there spreading the word to fans at a number of shows with MOTLEY CRUE, TYPE O NEGATIVE, and KING'S X. Our thanks goes out to Mike Amato and Stephanie Gurevitz at Top Rock Development for all their help and support.

As the summer continues to heat up, watch for ROC's Booth at shows with PRO PAIN / OVERKILL, more stops on the PANTERA tour, and who the hell knows where we'll show up, just look for the booth, stop by and find out how YOU can get involved.

We want to apologize for the lateness in getting the June/July issue out to subscribers. Again, it's a case of getting stuff done as we have the money to do it. We hope to do a better job with future issues. We hope that no one was too upset with getting #16 a little late.

In other News, ROC editor and co-founder John Woods has been nominated as a candidate for the 1994 HUGH M. HEFNER FIRST AMENDMENT AWARDS. The awards are presented each year to a number of individuals in various categories for furthering the cause of Free Speech and the First Amendment. The 1994 winners will be announced in September, and each winner receives a plaque and a $5000 cash award. The awards are presented by the PLAYBOY FOUNDATION. John has already indicated that any cash award he may receive will be used to computerize THE ROC and expand R.O.C. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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