by: Tom "Tearaway" Schulte

"The problem we're suffering right now is that too small a group is making all the music...You just can't tell one of these hat acts from another...Very little is distinguishable...You should make music for tomorrow, not today."

-Jimmy Bowne, big shot in country music --

"Through the auspices of the gun, man is relieved of responsibilities-placing his faith in sister machine gun, brother bomb."

-Jim Marcus (Die Warzau)

Concrete Corner's fest of Greta, Shootyz Groove and Varga was a cool, cheap way to check out these up and coming bands (Shootyz Groove is the hype, they are the goof when I wanna groove. Made to go with Buddha). I wish I could have checked them out better (I got my best peak at the soundcheck. Varga was cool, then. Much more funky stuff than I expected from them. I was busy giving away copies of THE ROC, JAM RAG, Musician Directories and collecting signatures to legalize marijuana. Thanks to everyone that helped and came by to talk. Especially thanks to Yonnie, Road Manager for Concrete for making me welcome! Z-Rock was about ten feet from me, but the DJ on duty, well, I tried but could not get his attention. Even though I obviously was getting much attention with my mags and petition, I felt he was ignoring me when I tried to get him to talk to me. Bummer, if he would have signed, I would be cool (not!) Love Battery, Monster Magnet and Green Day are 3 talked about bands you probably will not hear on 89X, and of the rock stations, etc. Now that I told you, you're on your own. Coup Detroit's demo (Fisher Finance Station, Fisher Bldg. Concourse, POB 11477, Detroit, MI 48211) offers premises from the interesting ("Robochrist") to the provocative ("Zilla Bitch") but turns inarticulate and simplistic in delivery. While I would not recommend the demo, I would still chance the live show as this unevolved approach often works better live than others.

"DEADLY METAL" Obituary's fourth album is in the oven with chefs Scott Burns and Dave Nichols watching over. Home in Sweden, Desultory plans for a wreckard to float over the big lake later this year. Guitarist Mike Amott (Carcass) has a new thang called Spirital Beggars. Look out for Meathook Seed, with dudes from Obituary and Napalm Death. Napalm's own new disc will be amidst us by summer. The Meat Shits team up with Catatonic Existence and have a split 7" available as a limited edition from Morbid Granny POB 577241, Modesto, CA 95357-4815. Get your death metal news from The Evil Breed POB 150505 Cape Coral FL 33915.

Misfit idolizer Danzig reaffirms the suspicion that he is attracted to older men in black. First, he wrote "Life Fades Away" for Roy Orbison to use on the "Less Than Zero" soundtrack, now he has written a tersely titled "13" for the new album by Johnny Cash. Hey Glen, you should see me in my midnight leotards, how about a song for me? If any of you have heard the rumors that Brit death metalers Pentagram have folded, they are just that, rumors.

Foundations Forum '94 will happen in LA CA, Sept. 8-10. No word on who will be showcasing there, yet. For more info call: 212-645-1360. Unsigned talent welcome....Alice Donut's "Medication" (Alternative Tentacles, POB 419092, SF, CA 94141) is a three-song offering from the Donut that is a weak effort in light of their previous releases, also available from AT. They used to be fuel for REVENGE FANTASIES...for all the DEGENERATE CHILDREN, now they only offer Medication, which is akin to being offered Prozac to 'forget' your depression by someone you know has good weed. Lollapalooza's '94 will feature Smashing Pumpkins, The Beastie Boys, George Clinton, The Breeders, A Tribe Called Quest, Nick Cave, L7, Boredoms and more is now under the watchful eye of Perry Farrell again.

"THE BLEEDING" is the new release from Cannibal Corpse. For the Ed Gein in you that does not relate to the imminent poetry, the subtle beauty of haiku. Corpse panders to your most morbid fantasy and makes even those imaginings seem pristine. Besides, musically this is their best yet. This release is with guitarist Rob Barret (Malevolent Creation, Solstice) who replaced original member Bob Rusay. This may be part of the improvement I hear over "EATEN BACK TO LIFE." Ohio Statesperson Carolyn Prentiss is introducing a "Potty Bill" to the Ohio legislature requiring places of public assembly to have more women's toilets than men's. Yeah, I see 'em all lined up at lavatory doors when I come 'round a tree at a concert, but I bet the old geezers in Ohio may pass it to please Carolyn, but then the venue owner will just remove half of the guy's john's in Ohio and open up beer stands in their place. Ticketmaster has long been known for its exorbitant surcharges, which are unrefundable even when an event is cancelled. Now it appears that this corporation keeps its employees working under 40 hours to avoid paying benefits like health insurance, paid days off or vacations. It seems conditions are even worse and any entreaty made by the workers is usually answered with threats to move the work to Texas. This is especially insidious since Ticketmaster has nearly a monopoly on the business even at publicly owned venues, like the Silverdome owned by the City of Pontiac. Next time you need tickets, save a few bucks and go to the venue for them, do not support these jerks.

"OUTSIGHT" works to bring light to the underground and the Midwestern scene through the Alternative Press. Keep OUTSIGHT informed c/o Tom Tearaway, POB 20076, Ferndale, MI 48220.

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