On May 21st, R.O.C. was back at THE QUAKER MUSIC THEATRE in New Philadelphia, Ohio for the second of fund-raising shows. Besides helping make a little cash to be used in the production of this paper, these R.O.C. events are fast becoming known in the area as "the" place to be to see and hear a great line-up of local and regional talent.

Kicking off the show was BRING YOUR OWN, a three piece punk band from Uhrichsville, Ohio. Their set consisted of a blistering ensemble of both original material and some great classic punk covers, including some SEX PISTOLS material that would've made even Mr. Rotten himself cock an ear.

Next up was OVER SOUL. This band has to the best kept secret of Belmont County, Ohio. Mixing up their set with killer originals and covers of ANTHRAX, WHITE ZOMBIE, and SEPULTURA, this band 100% cooked. Not meaning to over-emphasize the covers over the original material, but, when they did SEPULTURA's "Territory," I had to do a double take to make sure ol' Max himself hadn't slipped in through the back door. OVER SOUL will definitely be on R.O.C.'s calling card for future events. These guys were AAAWWWEEESOME!!!

From Canton, Ohio came HEMLOCK, and just like the previous band, these guys also cooked, and in fact, they perhaps even raised the heat degrees up a few notches. Their set was also a combination of originals and some covers that included METALLICA and what had to be one of the best covers of KING DIAMOND that I've ever heard. Oh! The crowd was in a frenzy, everybody was on their feet and the pit was a mass of sweating gyrating bodies. Ahhh! How sweet it was.

Last up was New Philadelphia's own MASDECAY, a no-bullshit, fuck you, in your face power metal band. Being the "home town" band these guys took the show to a near orgasmic climax keeping everyone in the pit hopping until that last long strained note was ejaculated. Whew!!! I just had to have a cigarette after that. We salute the new guitarist for MASDECAY, who had only a week before this show to learn all their material. You were awesome, dude!

R.O.C. thanks all the bands for donating their time, and their talent and helping make this event a success. We also thank John Metzer at the Quaker, and a thanks goes out to Ben for manning the light and sound board. And most of all, we thank all the kids who came out to hear and support these bands, and help keep R.O.C. rockin'. Watch out for the next one!!!

On May 13 (oooh Friday the 13th) a five band benefit bash for Rock Out Censorship was held in Orlando, Florida at the Fair Banks Inn (F.B.I.) Playing for R.O.C. was Valhalla, T.H.C., Necromancy, and Naphobia. We hope to have more about this show in the next issue, and some photos. We thank the bands, the Fairbanks Inn, and all the fans who came out to have a good time and help the fight against censorship. Thanks to R.O.C.'s Kenny Moore for making it happen.

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