Things have been developing with THE ROC (growing circulation for the paper, new chapters) alongside numerous new struggles coming down fast and furiously these days involving free expression issue, we're lucky to just keep up with it! The kind plug for R.O.C. on the recent Nailbomb CD has generated interest in our rag-tag organization from England to Poland to Belgium, and even sparked a R.O.C. UK! (See contact list and letters section.) There is a new chapter in Utah, as well.

Serious individuals interested in initiating anti-censorship forums, festivals and fund raisers (or distributing THE ROC in their area (or on their campus this fall), get in touch. Incidently, R.O.C. can now be reached via E-mail (at or or by FAX at 740-946-2011.

Let us have it! We keep wanting to send out a questionnaire to our subscribers and supporters with questions like, what do you find most interesting in THE ROC: anti censorship news, interviews, music news/reviews, etc.? Unfortunately there's only so many hours in the day and sometimes even less money for special mailings.

So, folks, consider this a call for serious feedback re: our most recent ROC's. For those who really want to really strain their brains, please feel free to "pull our coats" to how we might better help unify/coordinate/network anti-censorship forces around the U.S. and even, now, overseas, as well as new ways/ideas for funding such ambitious endeavours.

"We're all ears," as they say.

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