Meanwhile, there's still work to be done for Rock Out Censorship. Records are being banned from retail stores because of "objectionable" covers and lyrics. The governor of Kentucky has launched a war against rap shows. A major retail music chain has an in-house stickering program to prevent teenagers from buying records.

Florida has a obscene bumper sticker law in which a Pasco County woman was arrested for displaying a political sticker on her car. Concerned Australians have written in for help: as police are permitted to take "questionable" records and other items off store shelves at their own discretion.

Woods said fear - of gang violence and of negative influences on children - continue to feed censorship efforts.

"Every two years or so the 'hot button' issue changes - first it cults. now it's gangs." Woods said "Violence was there long before rap music.

"Teens are the hippest they've ever been. They're more aware of what's going on than the adults."

Another continuing project for Rock Out Censorship is the fight against curfew laws that are being established in Florida and Texas. Woods said concerts are being cut short to accommodate these curfews.

"Everyone's so afraid of kids these days," Payton said.

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