By: D.M.

To say we had one helluva benefit show is an understatement because Monday the 28th of March was a night not to be forgotten. The original benefit scheduled for February 8th was cancelled due to snow, so all the bands were more than psyched to kick this nights ass. The show was hosted by two of the more prominent singers on the N.Y.C. scene, Lord Bishop Suoave of Total Sexual Freedom (T.S.F.) (our own R.O.C. NYC rep) and Mark Greece, lead singer of Romeo Suicide.

The first band up was a group called Rail. They tore the place up with sound reminiscent of early Ramones.

Next was Aim Cryer, who kind of took us in a more alternative/pop direction. Really good song writing and great energy on stage.

Then came Blind Zoo whose gothic meets pop sound is very original. Lead vocalist Lucia is captivating and has a vocal style that's totally unique. Blind Zoo started with 'The Great Tease of Foreplay' and brought us right to the brink of climax, and then left us. (Great way to keep people coming back!)

Crispy Brown, exploded on The Downtime stage next, covered in mesa boogie amps, and they rocked the house. Songs were punchy, and they reminded of a '90's version of Grand Funk Railroad. At this point the club was so packed, it took 15 minutes to get from the front of the room to the back, which was a perfect setting for the next group. Mascara, an all female African-American band whose power funk rock groove loosened everyone up, and shook the rubble. By the end of their set, you were so soaked in sweat from dancing at least it made it easier to get from one end of the bar to the other.

Attakk-U steam rolled through four blistering hard rock songs, hair flippin', and their vocalist singing like an Angel in Hell, Attakk-U has a busy night. They did the R.O.C. show, and then took off to another venue to open up for Jake E. Lee's new project.

Next on were Total Sexual Freedom whose retro-eclectic groove sound started the night's first mosh pit. Their's is so in your face that everyone in the club feels the pain and frustration of this very complicated society. TSF is so well rounded as a band, no one really stood out, it just all stood out! Great production, and a killer light show. The song 'Wake Up America' is TSF's censorship titan, never to make the airwaves, but you can count on this band heading right to the top!! Fast.

All I can say about the next band was, "Whew"! Heavy, heavier, heaviest. Romeo Suicide is fucking hot. Their throbbing heavy groove beats, and the wailing of Mark Greece, the lead vocalist, just split the audience in half. Not to mention Romeo Suicide's adult video playing in the background. Girls were wet everywhere. Mark is definitely the sexiest singer on the N.Y.C. scene. Romeo Suicide are currently working on a demo. The labels better snatch these guys fast.

69 Lixx were up next, and it's Kiss meets the Sex Pistols with balls, platforms, high top hats, red and green hair, rocking songs and a great stage show. Awesome!!

Salt Peter took us to Cincinnati with their guitar rock alternative music. The songs have great hooks with a bluesy moody feel; Salt Peter has a 7" out, which at this moment is starting to get rave reviews.

Last, but not least, out of Connecticut came Beyond Reality with their great rock sound reminiscent of early Queensryche. Well orchestrated, and with a little nurturing, Beyond Reality will be a force on the scene.

Special thanks goes to: Kim Blackman, Karen Wilshinsky, Elsie's catering, Diane Farr, Downtime N.Y.C., and Lord Bishop Suoave (NYC ROC rep). "What a killer show!"

The next benefit in conjunction with High Times Magazine will be held at the Rock Ridge Saloon in N.Y.C. on June 7. Bands that are so far scheduled to perform are: Cosmic Box, Green Wilma, Shock Council, Marble, Total Sexual Freedom, Goat Singer, N.I.L. 8, with more groups to be announced.

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