by: Secret Raver

Recent days have seen the emergence of RAVES in (quasi-secret) locales throughout the globe, from San Francisco to Paris to Akron, Ohio. Some say raves represent the cutting-edge of youth counter-culture in 1994 and beyond, bringing together all the youth culture tribes, past and present, into a Global Harmonization of Social Purpose.

Classic Raves are made known to participants via underground networks (flyer/invitations and computer bulletin boards), staging events in venues like empty warehouses, one step ahead of the authorities. Raves are the point at which computer-accessing cybernauts, multi-media artists, shaman DJs and techno-pagan whiz kids intersect to intuit the future through Serious Morphic Resonating and fun! (And they're about to hit your town.)

The current burgeoning scene germinated in London in the late 80's sprouted throughout Europe and skipped like a stone across the ocean, splashing down in S.F., L.A., N.Y.C., Cleveland, etc.

The perpetually out-of-it daily press inevitably gets only the surface story on Raves; i.e., young people spastic-raving their asses off all night (and sometimes into the next day and night and...) to loud, synthesized House/Techno/Industrial music, etc. Actually, TIME was the first to start getting it right, placing Raves in their overall, social ("evolutionary") context, i.e., alongside related, rapidly developing technologies rippling through society, like computer bulletin boards, CD-ROM, Virtual (veritable) Realit(ies) technology, and--wildest "trend" of all--(what Terrance McKenna calls) "the speeding up of human history" as we approach the New Millenium. In other words, the Rave kids' 120-infinite beat-per-minute, all-night soirees may indeed represent (in the words of British rave impresario Fraser Clark in MONDO 2000) "the necessary booting up process for moving into the further reaches of the New Culture...a new sound for a new species." YaaaHoooo and hold on tight, brothers and sisters!!! We're surfing the proverbial "edge."

One invitation for a warehouse rave ("with plenty of bass for the human race") hosted by the "Sooper Wack Kids" posse of Cleveland, declared their desire "to RAVE and BE AS ONE. Together we will UNITE as a FAMILY and BOND OUR SOULS as the MUSIC FREES OUR MIND AND HEARTS (and we) RAVE OUR ASSES OFF!!!" One might say the (re)emergence of such tribal inclinations as above may in fact be the point at which the Rainbow Family convergers, "new agers," Deadheads, Alternative rockers and Hip-Hoppers, poetry slammers, "Legalize It" Libertarians, Free-the-Media activists, unrepentant sensualists and he-and-shedonists, doggedly tuned-in 70's "boomers" and 90's Klub Kids converge...the new Gathering of the Tribes, riding the Rave Wave!

In any event, it looks like some wild times ahead. Stay tuned.

--the Magic Bus Arts Cooperative

(The Magic Bus keeps it's antennae out for raucous Rave happening around the U.S. and overseas. Write us about what's happening in YOUR town and chances are it'll be printed--PLUS you get a free sub! Write: Magic Bus, P.O. Box 436, New Philadelphia, OH 44663. To reserve a copy of the next issue of the BUS, send $2 p.p. to the same address.

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