By: John Woods

When we started R.O.C. in 1989 our primary focus was a record industry bullied into adopting warning labels by a gaggle of self-appointed "guardians of public morality" flanked their Religious Right counterparts throughout the country, banning school text books, and censoring curriculum, staging public burnings of records, etc.

The issue of censorship by-intimidation not only continues to bode as ominously, as ever, but is in fact increasingly expressed by anti-democratic forces in cities and towns throughout the U.S. in the form of curfews and busting shows with impunity. Youth has become America's scapegoat in U.S. media: "crime" presented as the sole domain of "kids" (though statistics are to the contrary).

Therefore nothing too bad can be said or done with regards to the so-called "problem" of youth--even if it means trampling Constitutional rights in the process.

In addition to furthering the fight for the right to free musical, artistic and creative expression, R.O.C. and THE ROC has expanded our agenda to help buck these attempts to keep a generation "in line" by force and intimidation. This can only happen by young people themselves rising up to check this growth of a domestic police state.

Florida R.O.C. is mounting a campaign against new curfews -in Orlando via petitions, rallies and speaking out at city council meetings. Florida R O.C. with the help of the ACLU has recently located individuals to join together in a class action suit against the proposed curfew in Orlando. We'll know on May 31 if our injunction against the curfew implementation will be granted (full report next issue). We got to see one of the more heavy handed examples of official repression in Cleveland (see page 3 and 11) and urge folks in the capitol of rock & roll to stay in touch with R.O.C. re: developments there, as well as developing strategy and unity in fighting such abuses of power.

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