Yo Guys,

What's up? I'm writing to you from Belgium. I am 16 years old, and hardcore music is my life! It's very aggressive, honest, no sell-out music. I don't like bands who just talk around in circles with nothing to say. I go to every concert (but there aren't many hard-core bands who come to Belgium) and I spend all my money on albums. So there I was, looking around in the record store, and suddenly I see NAILBOMB. I was waiting for ages to hear from this band, and now I had the album in my hands! And I have to say, I love every single song from "Point Blank". So when I saw your address and the words "Rock Out Censorship", I decided to write you guys a little note. I want to say something about this censorship. I think the only reason why there is censorship, is because the government is afraid that without the censorship, the people will hear and read about things that will make them think and react against those fucking hypocrites. I think they have no right to tell what's good for the people and what's not.

Who are they to make up rules? Good thing that there is no censorship involved in the lyrics on "Point Blank", otherwise there wouldn't be much more than a couple of initials. I also hope that NAILBOMB is going to stay off the commercial track, because I hate it when I suddenly see that a bunch of fools at my school wearing a t-shirt of a band, just to look cool in front of their friends. FUCK THEM!

I hope that you guys will write back soon, because I'm very nervous to see if you got my letter. Give my love and support to the guys in NAILBOMB!!!

Bart De Rauw
Hoogstraat 38 A
9220 Hamme

Hey John,

Thanks for sending me the latest ROC. Finally somebody is actually confronting the ridiculous situation in this country when it comes to art, music, and literature--a mass fear. I don't get it.

Mary Ellen
Taang! Records

Dear R.O.C.ers:

My name is Samn Hooker, and I am a Sales Associate for Camelot Music Inc. My letter is in reference to your article in issue #14 entitled "Boycott Musicland." It discussed Musicland's policies regarding the Parental Advisory labels on CD's that have, profanity and the like on them.

You also said that the Camelot chain has a policy that disallows the sale of labeled material to minors. I've spoken to management, and they've informed me that this definitely IS NOT our policy. The only exception is the state of Florida, where it is a law that no labeled material may be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

Speaking as an individual and not as an employee of Camelot Music, I support your cause wholeheartedly. I am the Bassist/singer for Shuval, a band out of Beaumont, Texas. We, along with several other area bands, appreciate the freedom of speech we experience when playing local clubs.

In conclusion, although Camelot's explicit merchandise does carry a Parental Advisory sticker, their only use is just that--to advise those parents who screen what their children listen to.

Samn Hooker
Beaumont TX


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