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WMMS and WNCX, major market radio stations from Cleveland (both recently purchased by new owners) will not be permitting the airing of advertising from the Northcoast Chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). The specific policy restricts use of the word Marijuana, hemp, dope, etc. Northcoast NORML's John Hartman has called for a boycott of the stations and has been most recently joined in this call by Rock Out Censorship.

NORML has for years relied on paid radio ads (last year spending a total of $1,700,000 between the two stations) and so "these new policies are especially heavy-handed," according to John Woods of Rock Out Censorship. "Why should only the far-out nut groups like D.A.R.E. and the cigarette industry-funded Partnership for a Drug-Free America be the only ones allowed to be heard in the current national debate on drug reform? NORML is a legitimate political lobbying group of 20-years standing and for two major, urban stations to ban their paid advertising is really a disgrace." "For two stations with formats featuring a traditionally freedom-loving, musical form as rock & roll to take such a ham-fisted stance should be too much for even their most avid listeners to stomach and is why R.O.C. joins with Northcoast NORML in calling for a boycott of both stations. Call WMMS and WNCX up and let them know how you feel," Woods advised.

Call WNMS at 216-781-9667 (ask for Mark Bishop) and WNCX at 216-861-0100 (ask for Matt Mills). NORML's John Hartman suggests if you get their voice mail box, "leave them a message that you are a supporter of NORML's right to be heard and that you are boycotting their radio station. Make sure to leave your first name and phone number and ask them to return your call."

For more information on Northcoast NORML, their annual fun-as-fuck Freedom Festival (locally!) June 24, 25 and 26 or how to get involved in what has become one of the fastest-growing, grass-roots social movements in America, write: Northcoast NORML, PO Box 771154, Cleveland, Ohio 44107 or call (216) 521-WEED (9333)...

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