R.O.C. 2001...

By: Randy Lee Payton

Fast-Forward: R.O.C. is formulating ways we might address (confront) the cynical use of congressional hearings as a means to chill the Creative Community. The social hysteria surrounding such ham-fisted hearings (parlaying DIRECTLY off the PMRC hearings of the 80's) can be seen in localities across the U.S. enacting curfew laws against young people (which R.O.C. will continue to help youth resist in the months ahead: keep us posted on any new such laws in YOUR locale.)

To its ALREADY combustable mix of riot grrrls!, rockers and rappers, R.O.C. has even more closely, aligned itself with the struggles of artists and citizens bucking the socially-retrograde forces of sexual negativism working to drag society back to the sexually repressed Ozzie and Harriet days of the 50's. Toward this end, R.O.C. saw its first spin-off group and publication in February with the founding of the Free Expression League (founded to network with a spectrum of libertarian tendencies, and SPUNK issue #1, which ran as a supplement in THE ROC #14 and is slated for lift-off as its own 24 page newspaper with national and international distribution this Spring.

The grass-roots approach we've always advanced re: nipping censorship in the bud, R.O.C. is finally putting into effect in our own backyard of New Philadelphia, Ohio. Besides doing a recent benefit gig at the Quaker, we are working to cool out the "gang" hysteria currently promoted in town by the cops and the press. Meanwhile, THE ROC is slowly moving into desktop publishing and is now represented by a national,.magazine distributor (getting the paper into more hands of more music fans and bands and artists and students than ever).

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