By Tom 'Tearaway' Schulte

HUUN-HUUR-TU, that's the name of the throat singers from Tuva and they kick ass. Who else comes out in full Outer Mongolian regalia and blesses the crowd before they bring the Siberian hammer down? Their eerie sounds are called khoomei and are a vocal technique where by two or even three distance notes with as much as four octaves between them are produced by a single human larynx. This calling card has got them business with Zappa, Kronos Quartet and Ry Cooder, among others. It's a lot like hearing someone being strangled with a high pitch whistle in the background and is truly an amazing thing to see. Also a plus is their museum of aboriginal instruments which include a petrified bull testicle (bigger than a softball) filled with gravel and used for a mariachi.

Pete Townshend, Skid Row's Sebastian Bach, and Traci Lords helped out on The Ramones "ACID EATERS" album, released early January. This is an eclectic mix of covers from Rolling Stones to The Seeds to Jan & Dean.

Elvis Shelton & The Las Vegas Revue take a bite out of the country music market with "HARD LOVIN' TRUCK DRIVIN' MAN." You can be country music yourself with Starclone perfume. C&W superstar Sammy Kershaw wears absorbent underwear that is raced off to the lab after a show where his sweat is extracted for the tincture.

Since '79 Greenpeace activists have brought small craft up close to big ones dumping radio-active waste into the northern seas. Much in thanx to them, we can appreciate a London Convention upheld a total ban on the harmful dumping. You can be certain the MV GREENPEACE ship will still be on the lookout, as the, worst offenders (Russia, Britain, China and France) and others opposed the ban.

"HERE" will be the new Adrian Belew solo record. Out in late Spring.

"Chamber thrash" debut THONK by Michael Manring includes help from Steve Morse (Dixie Dregs), Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Primus' Tim "Herb" Alexander.

Sister Moon Press, POB 40371 Phoenix AZ 85067, is a slick, professionally put together poetry serial. In over 50 pages, several authors are given ample treatment, with several of their poems presented so that a real good feel can be had for a poet's style. Most of the material may not be erotic to all, but it is undisputedly sexual.

Gray Areas is a fascinating magazine that delves into the controversial areas of pirate recordings, Danish sex and drug laws, imprisoned writers, phone sex, motorcycle gangs, UFO's and more along with lengthy reviews. Write: POB 808 Broomall PA 19008-0808.

Toledo musicians are heavily behind their Toledo Musicians Assn. (TMA), meeting on alternative Mondays at The Club, 725 Jefferson St. Toledo OH, at 7 PM. Present TMA officers are Jeff Streeter, Jeremy McClellan, Kevin Warnimont and Kevin Kekes.

Jello Biafra hooks up with Mojo Nixon on the March release of "PRAIRIE HOME INVASION" on, of course, Alternative Tentacles. Jello also played the villain role in the upcoming GWAR movie. Look for KEPONE, a GWAR side-project.

Dudes from Killing Joke, Revolting Cocks, Pigface and their pals are in a new band. What, you're not surprised? Well, neither am I. It's called MURDER INC. and the album is produced by Albini.

Dio has teamed up once again with drummer Vinny Appice. These are the two that met in BLACK SABBATH creating "Mob Rules, Heaven and Hell" and went on to found the Dio band and release "Holy Diver, etc. Their new album is entitled "Strange Highways." However, this line-up now includes guitarist Tracey G. (WW III) and ex-Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson. Adding producer Mike Fraser (Coverdale/Page) and I expect it is a much more mainstream album than the early releases of this combo that went well with burnouts (I was one) and headbangers.

Expect MC Hammer to go "gangsta" as he tours with and records under Snoop Doggy Dogg and posse.

Tim Yohannon, the man behind Maximum Rock 'N' Roll has been steadily focusing the format of MRR to "just hardcore and punk." Tim would not run an ad for JAM-RAG, which he described as "eclectic" and MRR will not review a band released on Alternative Tentacles (Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra, No Means No, Tragic Mulatto, etc.) and others "OUTSIGHT" works to bring light to the underground and the Midwestern scene through the alternative press. Keep OUTSIGHT informed c/o Tom Tearaway, POB 1285, Royal Oak MI 48068.

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